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Twitter Does Youtube Now

Youtube Video In Twitter Feed

Right after a heated conversation with supposed Tiger Wood’s mistress Devon James, I discovered Twitter can now embed Youtube videos into your and your followers feeds! Just click the movie reel button in the tweet and the embedded video will pop up and all you have to do is hit play. Hats off to Twitter for this. Making social media go viral even faster than ever.

Youtube on Twitter

Youtube Videos in Twitter Feed

Star Tracts – Christians Hates Klingons

AfghanAnt’s Tribute to Magibon

Hello from AfghanAnt. :)

Drake- Play Ball ft. Richie Wess & Yung Dred

Drake- Play Ball ft. Richie Wess & Yung Dred

Black Reporter Gets Real Ghetto

Hey White people, I’m going to let you in on a secret – no matter how proper, well-spoken, or educated a Black person may seem, we have the ability to get mad niggerish at the drop of a dime over the littlest things.


You know this nigga lost his job after this shit…

For more information on “Nigga Moments” see The Boondocks: Nigga Moment.

Thank you.

Everything is Terrible – Women are Stupid

Everything is Terrible – Before…and After…

Tig Ol’ Bitties´╗┐

So was just watching sxephil and he directed his audience to this Youtuber:

All I could think while watching this was, “Are her tits hollow?”

Homophobia Fail

So that retard from the previous Fail post finally responded to my comment and honestly I was disgusted and turned on all at the same time. That is proof this guy is obviously doing it wrong.

HAHAHAHA nice display picture you fucking afgany scum terriost loving nigger. You look like a pedofile. Infact you probably are a pedofile, you sick fuck.
Comment me ever again, i’ll fuck your mouth so hard it drills a hole in the back of you fucking head. Then when that hole is is made, i’ll twist your fucking head round and fuck the hole I made. Go get a job, you benifit scrounging tar skinned filth.

How is threatening to fucking someone’s mouth until it drills a hole in their skull and then fucking said hole not gay? Furthermore who threatens another person with extreme sex? Shouldn’t he have said he was going to kick my ass? Or even I don’t know…kill me? Instead he threatens to have rough sex with me? What is wrong with this guy?

Closeted racists really confuse me.