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Obama – Liefeld’s Shaft

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Ok, I get it Liefeld. You think Barack Obama is a badass and will fuck a motherfucker’s shit up but did you have to have him posing next to a character who is a horseman of apocalypses? Is this how you feel about our president? Sure, people are complaining he’s not doing enough fast enough but you think he wakes up in the morning, smacks Michele’s ass out of bed, and grabs the biggest gun he can find?

What next? He’ll have an endless number of pouches that don’t do anything? Or maybe he’ll hunt down Shatterstar to make your “he’s a warrior… and not a gay one.” comment true.

You think making Shatterstar gay is the worse thing that could ever be done in comics but you think it is ok to turn an intelligent, black role model (forget that he is president) into a gun-toting, psycho killer befriending, badass is in good taste?

Can’t wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived.

No truer words could have been spoken about all of your work.

Fabian Nicieza’s and Erik Larsen’s X-Factor

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He [Nicieza] suggested that we screw around with a character named the Crimson Commando and turn him into a half cyborg guy. Fabe sent me a drawing of a guy with a flag wrapped around his face at an angle and other oddly inspired components from various sources. I junked it from the neck down, straitened [sic] out the flag and gave it somewhat of a skull look and we had our new improved Commando (Fabian even went so far as to screw up the Crimson Commando in the pages of the X-Annuals…)

-Erik Larsen

I am so glad PAD’s idea for the X-Factor title was chosen. This team looks confused at best and just another 90’s comic cliche worst. Just so much ugly.