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Skrull Invasion

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Freedom Force – Young Avengers Wiccan and Hulkling


Here are two of my favorite characters right now. It is weird but they have pretty much replace Apollo and Midnighter as my favorite gay comic couple.

Freedom Force – Young Avenger Wiccan


I completed Wiccan last night actually but I just got around to posting him now. I’m moving on to Hulkling before I finish up the Asgardian look. I am flirting with skinning all of the Young Avengers with the rest of the HeroForce guys but I am probably going to be focusing my energies towards my full-time job and freelancing soon.

Wiccan and Druid (Work in Progress)


So I’ve started updated my Young Avengers skins and I came up with this idea of alternate versions of them. Basically I was really upset with the Dark Reign: Young Avengers cast and decided to make my own Young Masters of Evil. So here we have Wiccan on the left and Druid on the right. Druid is the child of obscure Captain American villain Dremund Druid. I’m thinking about Druid not really using direct magic (because Dremund Druid doesn’t really) but would use alchemy formulas and summoned minions from Limbo.

Oh and I have this half-Dire Wraith, half-Xandarian Red Hulkling guy. Despite what I think of Loeb’s writing I really like the look of Red Hulk. I have a few others too – a white Vision/Adaptoid, Nomad (Julia Winters), Trickshot’s apprentice, Rush or Momentum (Whizzer’s granddaughter/Nuklo’s kid). The last character is the one I’m most excited about. I really want to do something different with the whole super-speed thing where she actually slows time (like Ambrose Chase from Planetary) instead. Now all I have to do is start designing them…

Anywho, I’ll probably be finishing up Wiccan and Druid as soon as I finish cleaning out the old apartment. I might even do all of the Young Avengers…who knows.

Dark Reign – Young Avengers 4 Cover

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What kind of fuckery is this? Wiccan and the de-agedĀ Enchantress embracing? I assumed she’s enchanted him but what might Paul Cornell be trying to say? That homosexuality can be cured if the woman is hot enough (can’t recall her powers working on a woman) or that sexuality is fluid and people (especially at a young age) experiment and try new and different things. Either way, this image changed my mind about the title. I might just enjoy this mini more than I expected too.

Also I find this all too weird considering Wiccan is Scarlet Witch’s son and in the terrible Heroes Reborn event Enchantress pretended to be Scarlet Witch’s mom. After thinking about it, it is sort of like that episode of Futurama where Fry was intimate with his grandmother…yuck.

Anyway, I’m thinking my Younger Avengers Freedom Force skins might need an update once I finish Steel III and Powergirl.