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Freedom Force Skin – Superwoman

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Appearing in the recent New Krypton storyline, here is the mysterious¬†Superwoman. I did this one relatively fast. I layed down the flats yesterday and finished skinning Superwoman in a hour and a half today. I’m getting ready to do the fxs for the Superman Family pack and I’m probably going to release it them here instead of HeroForce. I said I was going to do Steel III but I’m not sure after several trys at skoping her but maybe I’ll give it one last shot before I throw in the towel on it.

Superwoman Freedom Force Color Palette Preview

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So I’ve been busy today working on Superwoman since I finally finished the Eradicator. This is just a color palette preview of how costume. I need to figure out whether I should use blue or gray for the highlights though.

I need to figure out how I’m going to do Steel III though. I’ve been trying different base meshes but ultimately it did not pan out. I think Steel III will be the last in my Superman family line. I thought about doing Lena and Alexander Luthor but I am feeling a little burnt out again. OMACs are definately on my list though. I thought it would be so cool to replay the OMACs attacking Metropolis with Team Superman.

AfghanAnt’s Freedom Force Project Update

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So as some of you know I’m working on the Superman Family for Freedom Force vs the Third Reich. I would be finished with them but I’ve been busy working, visiting the Hustler Club and I ran into some problems with the mapping of the Eradicator’s cloak. If I wasn’t nursing my hangover with spicy beef noodles and lime water I would be working on fixing the cloak’s mapping. I am pretty wipe out from a long night of drinking¬†Port of Call‘s Monsoons,¬†Snake and Jake’s massive shots, and strippers.

So as you can see from the image to the left the Eradicator is done. I’m pretty happy with the way he came out because I’m a fan of Karl Kesel’s redesign of the character. Also I’ve fallen in love with idea of Superwoman but I’m not happy with the reveal as Major Lucy Lane. Especially since I remember her from the Bruce Timm Superman show and she was a lighthearted and fun character. It is weird but I think I’m pushing myself to complete these so I can actually start up FFVTTR and play as them in the Rumble Room. Continue reading

Superwoman Identity Revealed in Supergirl #40


Finally the true identity of Superwoman was revealed in Supergirl #40. Well she is…

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