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Freedom Force Skin – Power Girl

Download Powergirl and other Freedom Force Skins at HeroForce.

Power Girl Low Poly 3D Model for Freedom Force (FFVTR)

Power Girl Low Poly 3D Model for Freedom Force (FFVTR)

So I did this really quickly today and really liked the way she came out. I just decide since I did all the other Kryptonians it would be incomplete if I didn’t do Power Girl. I’m actually considering doing Christopher Kent (kid-version) but before I start him I need to figured out how the hell I’m going to successfully skope a Steel III together.

In order to get these out, I’m going to hold out on the fxs and make that an additional download later. I don’t even know if people want fxs for the Superman Family because there are already a few out there already. I was basically going to update my Heat Vision fx and do some fxs for Conner (blue tk attacks and shields).