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Marvel Comics The Siege: Avengers Re-Assemble

The Siege: Avengers Re-Assemble

The Siege: Avengers Assemble

The Siege: Avengers Assemble

Siege, which kicks off in January, is a new four issue “Marvel event” that will bring an end to Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign. It’s a “seismic shift in the Avengers books” akin to that of Avengers Disassembled, said Bendis. Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America will come back together, uniting for the first time in a few years.

December will see a prologue issue called Siege: The Cabal, which is drawn by Michael Lark. The four-issue mini that follows starting in January will be drawn by Olivier Coipel. Bendis made a point of noting the four issue length, saying it’ll be “boom boom boom” with action from start to finish.

Marvel’s only official statement is “Stay tuned for news from the Diamond Retailer Summit next week.” We’ll have full coverage from the Summit and more details for you then.

Marvel Comics: The Siege Trailer

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 – Thor


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In the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I found myself really hating all of Thor’s other costumes with the exception of the Ultimates default.  But I’m really looking forward to the sequel because not only do I get another comic book game that doesn’t completely suck (hopefully) but I also get to play as Thor in his Oliver Coipel designed costume.

While this shouldn’t be the main reason a person buys a $60.00 video game (and it isn’t Luke Cage, hello?), but seeing that it was the alternate costume for Thor made me pre-order (yah I get Big Ol’ Juggs too!).  While I know this is going to be the whole “Whose Side Are You On” thing but I’d really like to see a Thor vs  Red Hulk scene at some point in the game. I feel Thor deserves that much after Loeb made him get pwned by Rulk. I am a little annoyed that “Thor” is on the Pro-Reg side though. I don’t know how other people feel but to me that means he’s that racist ass clone, Clor. This is especially annoying for me because we all know the real Thor is down for the swirl.

The developers can make up for this by making Ares and the Young Avengers DLC . That would be amazing for me. Having Thor and Ares in this game together would just make me lose my shit. I mean I know they have to put in character like Songbird and Iron Fist (even he could have easily been DLC instead. Who the fuck cares about Iron Fist anyway?) but why did they include Phoenix?  She was dead during the storyline and how are her powers different than Invisible Woman’s (though does Ares = Wolverine+Thor)?

Oh speaking of DLC, how shitty is it that there is not a PC version (even though I have no interest in a PC version). I bet this was because of all the content created by fans over at MarvelMods for all the other games. Marvel has a long history of hating on its fan for just rejected Marvel’s reality and substituted their own. But now they are going to make use start paying for our own.

Either way the game comes out in 16 days and I’m pretty damn exciting about getting my copy. It might even pull me away from Marvel vs Capcom 2 for a little while.


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