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Barrack’s Big Stimulus Package

OH HELL NAH! Rezko Films and pornographers in general should be ashamed!


Honestly I haven’t watch it yet (yeah I’m going to watch this monstrosity) but it has got to be better than the Sarah Palin porn. Thank God there never was a Dick Cheney porn.

Omigawd there is a trailer on Youtube. This shit is completely not safe for work.

Also all these girls look like skanks. Like serious herpes infested skanks and would someone give “George Bush” a fucking bra!

Obama is Not the Anti-Christ

Bored out of my mind and still offended over some nasty remarks I received this weekend, I decided a really good horror movie was in order. Naturally I went to Google and typed in Antichrist because frankly I like apocalyptic Christian mythology. The moment my search results return do you know what in the fuck I saw in the sponsored search? This shit:

obama-antichristAt first I thought maybe it’s some ridiculously stupid Midwestern Christians but then I found these:




Really? This is how you feel about Obama? Is government run healthcare really this fucking serious? Socialist, maybe but to call him the fucking Anti-Christ? We let the a war-mongering, C student off by labeling him moron but we call Obama the fucking Anti-Christ? SMH

I am officially done with the human race and for once in life I am hoping that the Mayan Calendar ushers in the end of days on Dec 12, 2012.

Obama – Liefeld’s Shaft

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Ok, I get it Liefeld. You think Barack Obama is a badass and will fuck a motherfucker’s shit up but did you have to have him posing next to a character who is a horseman of apocalypses? Is this how you feel about our president? Sure, people are complaining he’s not doing enough fast enough but you think he wakes up in the morning, smacks Michele’s ass out of bed, and grabs the biggest gun he can find?

What next? He’ll have an endless number of pouches that don’t do anything? Or maybe he’ll hunt down Shatterstar to make your “he’s a warrior… and not a gay one.” comment true.

You think making Shatterstar gay is the worse thing that could ever be done in comics but you think it is ok to turn an intelligent, black role model (forget that he is president) into a gun-toting, psycho killer befriending, badass is in good taste?

Can’t wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived.

No truer words could have been spoken about all of your work.

Youngblood # 9 – Obama gets the Liefeld Treatment

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In Youngblood #9, Rob Liefeld tries to capitalize on the success’s of the United State’s current president, Barack Obama. There are no explanation why Liefeld thought it was a good idea to cast one of the smartest American presidents as a badass action star but he did. While I  have not read the comic yet, the previews reeks of blaxploitation and disrespect to Black Americans everywhere. While I disagree with capitalizing on this historical event, I will at least give Marvel and DC credit for either elevating him to “Superman” status or grounding him firmly in their reality. Liefeld has simply cast Obama in the role of “black badass”. “Barry” (hopefully) never sold drugs out of his house or held a glock to someone’s mouth. You know what makes this even more insulting? Rob Liefeld probably thinks what he has done is “cool” and kids will love it. Why am I even surprised? This is a guy who draws guns on guns for Christ sake! I’m just waiting for Obama to reveal his tatts and numerous pouches before being completely covered in blood.

Whatever Liefeld’s intentions, I find this representation of a positive Black role model degrading and sort of racist. The only thing that would be worse is if Liefeld later reveals Obama was in fact Osama in disguise (If you happen to read this and get “inspired”, Robbie, you better have my money waiting for me). 

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The one compliment I will give Liefeld is he finally learned how to draw feet. I’m just waiting on shoes now.