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Teen Titans Homage: The New Mystic Youths

This is the greatest homage I’ve ever seen ever.

The new Mystic Youth is a variant of the Teen Titans (Nightwing, Raven, Changeling, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Cyborg) from The Books of Magic Annual #3: A Thousand Deaths of Timothy Hunter.

The Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

The New Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

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New Teen Titans #1 Cover Homages

I’m a huge fan of DC Comics Titans – whether its New, Teen, Team, New(er), East, or West; I love them all. I especially love the cover to The New Teen Titans #1 and sub-sequentially all of its homages. Here are just a few of the ones that I know and love.

I know there are tons more but I didn’t feel like looking for them.