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DC Universe Images Unofficial, Unapproved

DC Universe MMO is probably the only reason I’d buy a Playstation 3 at this point. I mean sure I would like to play Final Fantasy 13 Versus but I could always just watch someone else’s playthrough and get the same wow effect. Anywho, I’m annoyed DCU will operate on a subscription basis rather than free to play(see icon that offers a free 14 day trial in images). I feel like games are moving more and more in this direction and it is really unfair. I pay $300 for a PS3, $60 for the actual games, and another ~$9 a month (~$100 a year) just to play a game where I get to interact with Superman doesn’t seem right to me. Either way, enjoy the new DC Universe MMO images.

City of (Marvel) Heroes

This video was a teaser for a MMO Marvel and Cryptic (makers of City of Heroes) were working on. It looks like it would be a way for Cryptic to get out of hot water with Marvel over users infringing on their IP but last year it was cancelled.

It is sad Marvel and Cryptic didn’t move forward with this game. It would have made them a lot of money and probably increased comic sales. Also now that DC is coming out with DC Universe Online, Marvel and Cryptic are going to lose out on the superhero MMO market for 2010.