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Sandra Rose < Everything Else Ever

Sandra Rose Craziness on Twitter

Somehow a completely tackless and frankly ugly blogger by the name of Sandra Rose is a trending topic on Twitter today. I’m not sure how or why #sandraroseface got started but there are a lot of people going in on her highly negative and high critical ass. The celeb that has been at the pointy end of her sharp tongue has been up and coming R&B signer – Trey Songz.

I’m not a Trey Songz fan at all (though I did love him signing the hook to Drake’s Successful) but she really goes hard on that boy for no other reason than to start shit with teenage black girls on Twitter.

Here’s some example of the shit people are tweeting about Sandra Rose’s face:

Sandra Rose Twitter

Sandra Rose Twitter

I personally believe Sandra Rose’s Face should be on a Rest In Peace Shirt.

Sandra Rose...

Sandra Rose...

Black Reporter Gets Real Ghetto

Hey White people, I’m going to let you in on a secret – no matter how proper, well-spoken, or educated a Black person may seem, we have the ability to get mad niggerish at the drop of a dime over the littlest things.


You know this nigga lost his job after this shit…

For more information on “Nigga Moments” see The Boondocks: Nigga Moment.

Thank you.

No More Heroes 2: Shinobu Jacobs is Better Than You

Harking back to 70’s Blaxploitation and Kill Bill, the Shinobu trailer for No More Heroes 2 is beyond amazing. Shinobu (whose last name is Jacobs) has all the sass and personality you would expect from an around-the-way girl but with a Kurosawa twist.  Even her name is awesome – Shinobu Jacobs is a black girl name if I ever heard one, in fact I am pretty sure all her friends call her “Shi-Shi” and play double dutch when she aint assassinating people for sport. You might be saying to yourself, “she’s not that cool” or “Travis Touchdown is better” but you have to understand I love this girl for the same reason all black men will love her – we love Asian shit.

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WTUL is Racist, Just ask Rock N Roll Nigger.

So last Saturday I was listening to the local college radio station – WTUL as Dan and I some times do while playing Gin Rummy (yes, we are 95 year old Jewish women) and I distinctly heard the DJ of said radio station say – “Up next we have Rock N’ Roll Nigger”. I stopped what I was doing, looked at Dan and asked him –

Did dat nigga just say ‘nigger’ on the radio?

I know what you are going to say – you have a problem with the word “nigger” being used even though you use the words “nigga”, “nigra”, “mad niggerish” and a bunch of other variation of that term in your day to day vocabulary.

Not to sound like one of “those” black people –  Yes. I feel I can use the word “nigga” to my heart’s content because it is a part of my culture and honestly I use them on everyone – every Jewish, faggish, and African descendant person I know is my personal “nigga”.  When I use the term I know 1) I’m not responsible for anyone but myself and 2) I’m black and I know the difference between “nigger” and nigga”. So to hear a DJ on a local college station use the “er” version of the word on public radio – no bueno.  I’m calling a no bueno not for me, but for every black person who pays to not only attend Tulane University but to kept their radio station in racial insults.

After gathering myself together I immediately called the station and very politely (yet matter of factly) asked that the DJ not use that word on air (if it gets bleeped out of black stations, college stations are fair game too).  Before he could explain why it was ok for him to use the term (as if explaining to black folks why you can use nigger works for white people ever), I hung up and thought it was over.

Five songs later, he’s back on air and comparing me to Tipper Gore and explaining how punk music is about being offensive.  🙄

As a nigga who loves 80’s punk (it was the reason I was listening to the college station in the first place), I was fucking PISSED that this DJ who I was polite to tried to put me on blast.

I ended my game of Gin Rummy (in an overly dramatic way) and proceeded to write this e-mail to the show’s producer:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

After writing the email, I honestly forgot because I have a life and it wasn’t the first time I heard a white person use the “er” word before. I sit at my computer today and what do I see?


Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

All I have to say is dis nigga right here, dis nigga right here… actually I’m not going to say a word.

I’ll let my fellow Jew and beloved nigra entertainer, Sammy Davis Jr., handle this one.