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Never Get Between a Black Man and His Ding Dong

Luke Cage is Crazy for Ding Dongs

Black Thor – Luke Cage

Luke Cage as Black Thor

“Sweet Christmas!”

Luke Cage as Black Thor

Luke Cage as Black Thor

I swear to Black Odin, the guy who made this custom figure can have one of my children for this.

New Power Man Debuts in Shadowlands – Marvel Comics

All New Power Man Debuts in Shadowland

Luke Cage Could Not Be Reached For a Comment

All New, All Different Power Man

All New, All Different Power Man

Shadowland: Power Man, a four-issue mini-series by Fred Van Lente, starts in August with a teenaged hero in the lead role. This new Power Man has ties to both Iron Fist and Luke Cage, with a slew of newly revived street villains and a power set and origin that links him to Bullseye.

While I’m not to keen on Luke Cage’s superhero name being given away (even if he isn’t using it or that fabulous tiara he use to wear anymore), I am excited that a guy named Power Man has energy-based powers. Though, I’m not too keen on another urban superhero involved in a turf war. I get that there aren’t many black urban superheroes in Marvel anymore (since they are all getting promote to the top-tier comics), I’d like to see some African mythology superheroes like a Black Thor. Hell give me Luke Cage as Black Thor, I’d even settle for him to re-inherit Wrecker’s crowbar (even though I am sure that would just cause all kind of negative imagery about black superheroes).

Luke Cage is Still a New Avenger?

Yes, Mr Cage is a Thunderbolt and Avenger.

Luke Cage - New Avengers

Luke Cage - New Avengers

SO after much bitching and moaning about Luke Cage getting demoted to leader of the Thunderbolts, it looks like he’ll be doing double duty as a leader or at least member of the Heroic Age New Avengers. I like this.

Black (Superhero) History Month: Luke Cage

Luke Cage: New Avengers

Luke Cage: New Avengers

I almost missed my chance to do a Black History post (not that a month dedicated to blackness should really matter. It’s sort of racist but that’s another blog post), but here is it. I put no thought at all into this post. I just thought it would be appropriate to do.

Black Superhero History Month

Black Superhero History Month

Luke Cage, born Carl Lucas and also called Power Man, is a fictional superhero appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics. Created by writer Archie Goodwin and artist John Romita, Sr., he first appeared in Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 (June 1972). He obtained his powers in a terrible accident leaving him with near impervious skin and vast superhuman strength.

He was visibly Marvel’s entry into the 1970s blaxploitation trend, and much of “Hero for Hire” saw him sport an exaggerated streetwise tongue, including the catch phrase “Sweet Christmas!” (In the 1990s Heroes for Hire series, Cage explained that he used this phrase in place of profanity because his grandmother, an important figure in his youth, hated profanity, adding, tongue-in-cheek, that she was even meaner and tougher than the villains he fought.) Brian Azzarello’s take on Power Man, Cage, was also criticized, this time for an overly thuggish portrayal (though Azzarello’s revival also attracted attention to the character)

While I am annoyed at Marvel’s decision to demote Luke Cage to the leader of the Thunderbolts (he was previously the leader of the Avengers), I have faith that they are making the right decision for him and his family (he is married to Jessica Jones aka Jewel and has a baby girl).

For more information on Luke Cage, visit his profile at blacksuperhero.com – Luke Cage

Luke Cage Leads Thunderbolts in Marvel’s new Heroic Age

Super-powered Black Man Survives God-massacring Siege Event, Get Demoted

Why they had to demote a brother?

Luke Cage leads the even newer Thunderbolts

I’m a little annoyed that Captain America’s second-in-command and defacto leader New Avengers is now leading a team of super-villains and c-list superheroes (Man-Thing? Are you fucking serious?).  I like Jeff Parker ok but why did this ushering in for the Heroic Age mean a demotion for one of the best Avengers members in years.  Also fucking you Bendis! You tell the world how you would be gay for Luke Cage if he were real and even marry him to your Alias creation, Jessica Jones, and you not only kick him off your team book but you fail to ad even one person of an vaguely ethnic background to your team? Fuck! Even Grant Morrison’s original ubermensch JLA lineup had a half-Mexican ( Kyle Rayner) and a fucking green martian.  I’m actually really disappoint Luke Cage isn’t even a Secret Avenger. I had hope that he and Jessica would be the modern age Hank and Janet (minus the wife-beater and killer robot children).

URGH! First Lil’ Wayne goes to jail now this? Today is a terrible day to be Black in American. What’s next, Obama gonna get assassinated? America, I’m done!

P.S. I know I’m being dramatic and I don’t care this is my blog and I am not particularly happy with Marvel or DC for the way they treat their ethnic characters. It seems like ethnic characters and women are either demoted, depowered, or fridged.

Thor Thursday: Luke Cage, The Black Thor

What If Luke Cage found the Hammer of Thor?

Black Thor - Luke Cage

Sweet Asgard! It's Luke Cage as Black Thor!

AfghanAnt Thoughts: Hahahahahahahahaha! Dear God in Heave let this be revived in 2010.

New Avengers # 60 – The Death of Luke Cage

New Avengers 60 - Death of Luke Cage

New Avengers 60 - Death of Luke Cage

Bendis’ future plans mostly involve death, including the deaths of Luke Cage in “New Avengers” #60 and the Sentry in “Dark Avengers” #13–though his comment that Spider-Woman would die in the fifth issue of her own series made it pretty clear that he was kidding about these plans.

So it looks like one of my favorite characters, Luke Cage, will be kicking the bucket in New Avengers #60. I’m really sad because he was one of the major reason I buy New Avengers.

Goodbye Sentry

Goodbye Sentry

It also looks like crazy Superman clone, the Sentry, will die in Dark Avengers #13. Even though he will be dying, I’m sure he’ll get better.