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Jesus Christ Superhero: Dark Avengers #13

Sentry’s Origin Reveals Biblical Link in Dark Avengers #13

Dark Avengers #13

Dark Avengers #13

(Insanity + Drug Addiction)/ Secret Serum = God.

Or at least this is what Brian Michael Bendis wants us to believe about the Sentry’s newest and truest retconned origin story.

Like Mose and Jesus before him, Sentry holds the power of the divine and while the Void mentions to Lindy (who’s living status is still confusing to me. Is she a construct? Has she been resurrected?) he is “…Galactus…Devourer of Worlds”, I’m pretty sure he said this to express to her just how terrifingly powerful he is (as if the power of a million exploding suns wasn’t powerful enough. I’m just saying). The burning bush, the vengeful father, and never-ending opus that is the Void are all one and the same and Bobby Reynolds is just the most recent messiah-like figure. I like this.

Why do I like this? Bendis setting up the Void as the Old Testament God (which as a Jew is exciting and insulting) is interesting. It feels like secular comics are finally breaking into Judeo-Christian mythology the same way movies have been doing forever now. I know a few people are going to be annoyed and even insulted that their faith is being presented here as fiction but this is a fictional worlds where Greek and Norse gods walk amongst men. So why can’t Sentry be the resurrected Christ figure and Anti-Christ all at the same time?

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Sentry More Than God-Like?

Is Dark Avengers’ Sentry Marvel Comics’s Jesus?

IGN just preview Dark Avengers #13 and it looks like Bendis is hinting at Sentry being more than just god-like but actually a or thee G-O-D.  I’m not shocked as it explains Bob Reynold’s ability to do anything from raising the dead (his wife dead during the Skrull Invasion) to throwing people into the fucking sun. It also explains why he’s haunted by a mischievous adversary – The Void. Job wrestled his adversary, Moses’ God was both loving and vengeful,  and Jesus’ Satan was well an asshole. I really wonder how Christian fans will take this – sure there have been Jesus-like figures in superhero comics since the genre but none have called reader’s faith into question. Let’s up this doesn’t blow up in Marvel’s fan.