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Ultimate Comics X #2 – Who is Karen Grant?

Ultimate Comics: Ultimate X "Karen"

Ultimate Comics X "Karen Grant"

Who is Ultimate X “Karen Grant”?

I originally thought this black haired beauty was Ultimate universe’s Wicked but after reading the recently released previews (full of red herrings), I’m pretty sure it’s Ultimate Jean Grey. Green eyes, Cyke’s visor, dying her hair (which by the way looks better) it’s gotta be Jeanie.

I like Ultimate Jean Grey alright  but she never really jumped out at me. It always felt like they gave her a haircut and rehashed everything from 616. There was nothing new or really excited about her that I couldn’t already get in classic X-Men comics. In fact, when all the Ultimate X-Men were being killed off, I wished Jean Grey would’ve died instead of punk rock Dazzler or crazy Gambit-eyed Psylocke. However, after reading the first four pages of Ultimate Comics X #2, I have to say I’m impressed yet again by Loeb.

Oh Ultimate Cyke! I'm so glad you're dead.

Oh Ultimate Cyke never come back. EVER!

I KNOW! He’s evil and a terrible Marvel comic writer and ignores history, personality, and powers so he write them like DC Comic characters but he’s doing really good work in Ultimate Comics X. It’s like he heard all the bitching and decided he’d actually try and write something worth reading for Marvel.

My only concerns with Ultimate Jean Grey is another Dark Phoenix storyline or something equally dumb that only Loeb could dream up.

I don’t even know Ultimate Comic X’s Karen but I like her better 616 Jean Grey. I like her a lot and I actually want her to do something other than be Cyke’s girlfriend, Wolverine’s naughty girl, or planet-destroying Phoenix. I mean who is Jean Grey when she’d not all those things? The 90’s era Jean Grey who was dull as a door nail and her only development was getting married? Or 00’s era Jean Grey who got all White Phoenixy after allowing her husband to continue his affair? Or is she just that red-head telepath/telekine who is potentially the most powerful out of the original five?

I mean who the fuck is Jean Grey?

I certainly never known and I think this is an opportunity for Marvel to flesh her out even if it’s only the Ultimate version.

Jean Grey, like many other female character, seems to be defined by her powers (see Rogue) or the men in her life (see Invisible Woman). I see Loeb taking both Scott and Logan away from her allows her the chance to shine and be a character who can stand on her own. Ultimately (pun not intended) it would be nice to know what she likes (besides mythological birds and hairy Canadians).  Is that too much to ask for?

Wicked Sweet

I swear this looks like Wicked's powers.

Uncanny X-Men 511 – The Red Queen

The Red Queen, Jean Grey

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Misdirection. This is the main theme to Matt Fraction’s newest run on Uncanny X-Men. While the buzz on the internet has been that Madelyne Pryor has returned as the Red Queen. Any X-mythos buff will tell you all signs point to this being Jean Grey. Not, that Jean Grey. This one – Jean Grey of Earth-998. That’s right -she’s incorporeal, dimension hopping, “magic” using and Nate Grey molesting.

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I’m so surprised that Fraction picked up an old Warren Ellis plotline from X-Man. On the surface it seems like a great idea. However with two issues left until the end of the storyline, I’m a little scared. Is she going to go all Phoenix and possibly Psylocke is going to have to put her down? Is Cyclops going to kill his wife to prove to his girlfriend just how much he loves her evil ass? I’m not sure but what I am sure of is, Jean Grey of  Earth-998 is the Red Queen and Psylocke will be Asian once again.

Originally posted by Matt Fraction:

Some readers may remember the Red Queen as Madelyne Pryor, Cyclops’ former wife and mother of Nathan Summers, aka Cable. But Fraction quickly points out that “we’re not bringing Maddie back into the fold, we’re bringing the Red Queen back.

“To me there’s a very distinctive difference,” the writer elaborates. “This was one of the last ideas [former UNCANNY writer] Ed Brubaker and I had together, the Sisterhood and the Red Queen and what she in particular is up to and why. The non-spoiler version is she’s a fun villain with a strange objective I don’t know we’ve seen before. Her mission, and the mission of the Sisterhood, is very, very specific and, I think, very twisted and a lot of fun.”


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Either way, the crazy world beating, incestuous Nate Grey loving, Resurrected Queen of Briton, High Protector of the Unified Commonwealth, Sacred Mistress of the Order of Black Knights, Absolute Empress of the North and the Breechland is back.

New X-Men Skins for Freedom Force

So if you’ve been to Freedom Force Resource lately, you know Spectre Lad revealed that I was Emperous. So here is the back story –

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Back in Nov ’08 I decided I’d try some experimenting with styles and just wanted some non-AfghanAnt feedback, so I began to skin the New X-Men design by Frank Quietly and set up a new account on Freedom Reborn. I had intended to never reveal that I was Emperous to anyone save the few people who I asked for personal advice on the skins. I was just going to release and ignore that I ever did them but I’ve changed my mind about a lot of stuff lately and thought I would reveal myself. I guess thanks to Spectre Lad for poking me to finish up Beast and release them under my avatar.