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Black Hingham Postal Worker Fired, Abusive White Woman Gets Away Scott-Free

Racism is Still Alive in Hingham, MA

Black USPS Worker Fired for Being Called a Nigger

Do You Know This Racist?

Do You Know This Racist?

I am not a socially conscious blogger and I don’t like waking up to things like this, but given the utter failure on the part of both the USPS and the Hingham, MA Police department to address this matter I thought I would. Allegedly Erika A. Winchester of Hingham, MA signed for a certified letter for her husband, Randall Winchester. After realizing the certified letter was a possible collection notice from the Rotary Club of Hingham and Hull, Erika went into a racist and socially misguided frenzy which included her physically slapping him and saying “..you fucking nigger thief.. I’m not bigoted…because you’re acting like a nigger..”, “your IQs are lower and therefore the people who need to help you, you don’t know it…” and, “You killed Martin Luther King you niggers turn on each other, you’re stupid…”.

Racists say the darndest things…

To make matter worse, the USPS worker was apparently fired over the incident and Erika did not even receive a slap on the wrist despite her hate speech, assault, and her threats made against his life.

Below you will find the event in two videos hugsonamic recorded with his mobile phone. This man deserves justice not only because he was fired for the incident but because the government failed to do its job when race was involved.

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