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Green Lantern #52 Spoilers: Sinestro the White Lantern

Green Lantern #52 Spoilers

Sinestro the White Lantern

Green Lantern #52: Sinestro the White Lantern

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The Entity and the White Light – Blackest Night #7

Blackest Night #7 – The White Light Awakens

Blackest Night #7 Nekron

The Avatar of Death Questions the Living About Life.

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Blackest Night LEGO

LEGOS are out of Blackest Night Control!

LEGO does Blackest Night

This made me chuckle.


Brightest Day Promo

White Lanterns are Born in Brightest Day

I’ve been saying for months now that we would see a White Lantern Corps rise in the end of Blackest Night and seems I may have been right on the money now that DC has released a promo image for Brightest Day.

We saw the first glimpse at White Lanterns in Blackest Night #1 with Don Hall, Dove I, being at peace and again in the Blackest Night: Titans tie-in with Dove II, Dawn Granger – Dove is a White Lantern. While I’m some what relieved to see there will be an equally powerful team of White Lanterns to combat the Black Lanterns but I think the birth of the White Lanterns will be the rebirth of character aimlessly killed for dramatic effect during Blackest Night (See also most every DC B-list character ever).


Blackest Night #7 CBR

Blackest Night #7

Blackest Night #7 – The Entity and The White Light of Creation

Blackest Night #7 – Major Spoilers

Blackest Night #6 Leaked Spoilers

Blackest Night #6 Leaked Spoilers

Blackest Night #6 Planeteers

Blackest Night #6 Planeteers

By Your Powers Combined…

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Blackest Night #5 Spoilers

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Nekron Rises in Blackest Night#4

Blackest Night #4 - Nekron Rises

While the lines “What is Nekron?” is incredibly cheesy, I have to say I’m really enjoying Blackest Night and it is proving to be Geoff John’s greatest work to date. The only downside I see is there will be a lot of resurrection – a lot of it.

Johns’ has killed nearly every third string character in extremely anti-climatic ways that the emotional impact of say Tempest or Damage (I have no clue what they call him anymore Atom Nuker?) just isn’t there.

One can only hope that with the deaths of these characters will mean a lack of random Event deaths in the future but we all know that isn’t going to happen but

Blackest Night #3 – The Indigo Tribe and White Light of Creation

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The White Light of Blackest Night explained.

Blackest Night – Obsidian

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Son of the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, and twin brother to Starheart branded, Jade, Obsidian has always been the odd one out in the family because of his shadow powers.  Sure, we were told because of his father’s mystic connection to the Starheart and battles with Ian Karkull, Todd gained superpowers in the womb but how exactly does that work?

So this got me wondering – could Obsidian’s ability to manipulate the Shadowland (a dimension of primordial, quasi-sentient darkness) actually be connected to the Blackest Night or Nekron’s realm?

On the surface his power gives him the traditional superhuman strength, endurance, blah, blah, blah but it does make him virtually immortal and the ability release people’s dark side, as well as, being a living shadow. In fact, being born with the black light inside of him could have easily given him an advantages like Jade. No zombie face, no need to rip out hearts, just black light manipulation and functionally immortal (and resistance to antimatter). Even similar character such as Shade (who also manipulates the Shadowlands) can create constructs similar to the Green Lanterns.

It will be interesting to see  how the Black Lanterns see him and how his powers effect them. If they are faced with their dark side, will the Black Lanterns remember their past lives? Who knows but I can’t wait until this story is completely told.

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