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Necrosha: Blink (616) Returns

On the heels of DC’s Blackest Night, Marvel has a new dead rising storyline called Necrosha. Lead by the all powerful psychic vampire, Selena, these recently returned characters will wreck havoc on the X-Men and the Marvel Universe as a whole.  The most exciting resurrection is the return of fan-favorite Blink. While it’s not the cute and sassy Age of Apocalypian-turned-Exile Blink, it is the original who “died” during the Phalanx Covenant.

Here’s a little background: Mysterious and seemingly unstable, Clarice “Blink” Ferguson was one of the many second-gen mutants captured by the Phalanx to assimilate mutant powers. Frightened by her power, Blink’s were uncontrollable and unlike her AOA counterpart, her teleportation field would shred any object of person caught in it. To protect the group of mutants that would later become Generation X, Blink sacrificed herself to destroy the being known as Harvest. How Blink returned from the “dead” or somehow became allied with Selene is still a mystery.

Personally I’m glad that Blink is back but I am a little upset she looks like a skank. The Blink most fans know and love is adventurous, strong, and level-head young woman but I guess that’s the point – this isn’t that Blink.  After she was caught in her blink wave there is no telling what hell she’s been through. I do wonder if she has a place in 616 anymore though. With her generation of mutants either dead (Skin, Synch, and Mondo), in comic-limbo (Jubilee, Husk, & Chamber), or acting older than their years (Monet is written like she’s near 30 now) it will be hard to place her with the “good” mutants. I would be neat to see if somewhere down the her family connection to Chamber and Apocalypse is explored or whether or not she was just born in Cartusia, Bahamas or if she’s West Indian (yes, I want to know if she got some black in her :P).