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Rob Liefeld ‘s Gay Wolverine and Gay Cyclops are GHEY

I’m not going to lie – I hate Rob Liefeld especially after he ranted on about not being homophobic because Shatterstar (a lame sword-swinging x-man) couldn’t be gay because he’s a “Spartan and Spartans weren’t gay”. Yeah… right.

Anyway, I came across this page today when I gearing up for my next “Rob Liefeld is a Hack” post:

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You know what my problem is with this scene – it’s ok to be a gay (x-)men who is a  cross-dressing cocksuckers but it’s not ok for them to be warriors and have loving homosexual relationships.

Again Mr. Liefeld – fuck you.

Obama – Liefeld’s Shaft

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Ok, I get it Liefeld. You think Barack Obama is a badass and will fuck a motherfucker’s shit up but did you have to have him posing next to a character who is a horseman of apocalypses? Is this how you feel about our president? Sure, people are complaining he’s not doing enough fast enough but you think he wakes up in the morning, smacks Michele’s ass out of bed, and grabs the biggest gun he can find?

What next? He’ll have an endless number of pouches that don’t do anything? Or maybe he’ll hunt down Shatterstar to make your “he’s a warrior… and not a gay one.” comment true.

You think making Shatterstar gay is the worse thing that could ever be done in comics but you think it is ok to turn an intelligent, black role model (forget that he is president) into a gun-toting, psycho killer befriending, badass is in good taste?

Can’t wait to someday undo this. Seems totally contrived.

No truer words could have been spoken about all of your work.

Dark Reign – Young Avengers 4 Cover

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What kind of fuckery is this? Wiccan and the de-aged Enchantress embracing? I assumed she’s enchanted him but what might Paul Cornell be trying to say? That homosexuality can be cured if the woman is hot enough (can’t recall her powers working on a woman) or that sexuality is fluid and people (especially at a young age) experiment and try new and different things. Either way, this image changed my mind about the title. I might just enjoy this mini more than I expected too.

Also I find this all too weird considering Wiccan is Scarlet Witch’s son and in the terrible Heroes Reborn event Enchantress pretended to be Scarlet Witch’s mom. After thinking about it, it is sort of like that episode of Futurama where Fry was intimate with his grandmother…yuck.

Anyway, I’m thinking my Younger Avengers Freedom Force skins might need an update once I finish Steel III and Powergirl.