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Racist’s Aunt Gets On Internet, Hilarity Ensues

Blogger Note: This blog and Twitter account have been confirmed as fake. I knew Granma Grizzly was too good to be true…

Erika Winchester’s Eldery Aunt is OOC Too?

Racist’ Aunt Grabs the Keyboard and Puts the Internet On Blast

Grandma Grizzly aka¬† Betsy McCoochey, the aunt of Hingham racist Erika Winchester, has taken to internet to support her niece’s disrespectful and disgusting action.

Dusky Character Attacks My Niece, Good People Get Blamed

"Dusky Character Attacks My Niece, Good People Get Blamed"

On her blog, Grandma Grizzly’s Conservative ActionPAC, McCoochey has this to say,

Recently, you may have seen an internet video of my niece (now I’m afraid to say her name) having a discussion with a postal carrier of unknown origins. It makes me think of when Trent Lott said that if we had elected segregationist Strom Thurmond as president back in 1918 then “we wouldn’t have had all these problems”.

Now, I’m not racist. nobody in my family is. But doesn’t this just drive Lott’s point home?

THIS kind of treatment from GOVERNMENT (socialist) minions is exactly why conservatives are driven to blow off steam by forwarding .jpgs of watermelons growing on the White House lawn.

She went on to push the blame on the victim:

The questions NOBODY has asked is: Is this supposed postal worker actually a musli[m] terrorist from Africa? The accent sounds suspect.

Dis bitch is crazy.

After writing this post, McCoochey took to Twitter to confirm Erika Winchester, whose profession is in public speaking, is in fact her niece. She also revealed that people are sending strippers, pizza, and sandwiches to her niece’s home.




I do not like being disrespectful to old women, no matter what race or beliefs they have, but Grandma Grizzly needs to sit her senior citizen ass down before I call her nurse to come turn her computer off.

Black Hingham Postal Worker Fired, Abusive White Woman Gets Away Scott-Free

Racism is Still Alive in Hingham, MA

Black USPS Worker Fired for Being Called a Nigger

Do You Know This Racist?

Do You Know This Racist?

I am not a socially conscious blogger and I don’t like waking up to things like this, but given the utter failure on the part of both the USPS and the Hingham, MA Police department to address this matter I thought I would. Allegedly Erika A. Winchester of Hingham, MA signed for a certified letter for her husband, Randall Winchester. After realizing the certified letter was a possible collection notice from the Rotary Club of Hingham and Hull, Erika went into a racist and socially misguided frenzy which included her physically slapping him and saying “..you fucking nigger thief.. I’m not bigoted…because you’re acting like a nigger..”, “your IQs are lower and therefore the people who need to help you, you don’t know it…” and, “You killed Martin Luther King you niggers turn on each other, you’re stupid…”.

Racists say the darndest things…

To make matter worse, the USPS worker was apparently fired over the incident and Erika did not even receive a slap on the wrist despite her hate speech, assault, and her threats made against his life.

Below you will find the event in two videos hugsonamic recorded with his mobile phone. This man deserves justice not only because he was fired for the incident but because the government failed to do its job when race was involved.

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