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Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood

I am a huge fan of the DC Comics movies – while Marvel’s animated features suffer from bad acting and bad animation, Warner Bros. has always been smart enough to enlist the best for the cartoons. Batman: Under the Red Hood is no exception. The animation is tight, the script is well thought out, and best of all Bruce Timm is producing it.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the film:

Loosely based on the Batman story arc “Under the Hood”, the story follows Batman and Dick Grayson – the original Boy Wonder now hero Nightwing – finding themselves being stalked by a mysterious yet familiar figure known as the vigilante Red Hood, who tries to rid Gotham City’s crimes without following the same ethics as its heroes and apparently knows all of their secrets. As the Dark Knight tries to unravel the true identity of his stalker, he must also battle three of his enemies: the Joker, the criminally insane Clown Prince of Crime who first wore the Red Hood cowl and was responsible for the murder of Batman’s second protégé Jason Todd; Ra’s al Ghul, the immortal international terrorist who is somehow connected to the Red Hood; and Black Mask, the notorious kingpin who is launching a campaign to take over all of Gotham City’s criminal underworld. When the Joker becomes involved in the conflict between Batman and the Red Hood, hard truths are revealed and old wounds reopened.

FRINGE’s “OTHER SIDE” DC Comics Covers

Teen Titans Homage: The New Mystic Youths

This is the greatest homage I’ve ever seen ever.

The new Mystic Youth is a variant of the Teen Titans (Nightwing, Raven, Changeling, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Cyborg) from The Books of Magic Annual #3: A Thousand Deaths of Timothy Hunter.

The Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

The New Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

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Green Lantern #52 Spoilers: Sinestro the White Lantern

Green Lantern #52 Spoilers

Sinestro the White Lantern

Green Lantern #52: Sinestro the White Lantern

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DC Universe Images Unofficial, Unapproved

DC Universe MMO is probably the only reason I’d buy a Playstation 3 at this point. I mean sure I would like to play Final Fantasy 13 Versus but I could always just watch someone else’s playthrough and get the same wow effect. Anywho, I’m annoyed DCU will operate on a subscription basis rather than free to play(see icon that offers a free 14 day trial in images). I feel like games are moving more and more in this direction and it is really unfair. I pay $300 for a PS3, $60 for the actual games, and another ~$9 a month (~$100 a year) just to play a game where I get to interact with Superman doesn’t seem right to me. Either way, enjoy the new DC Universe MMO images.

The Entity and the White Light – Blackest Night #7

Blackest Night #7 – The White Light Awakens

Blackest Night #7 Nekron

The Avatar of Death Questions the Living About Life.

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Blackest Night #7 Spoilers

Blackest Night #7 Spoilers

Blackest Night #7 Spoilers

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Adventure Comics #6 – Black Lantern Superboy

Adventure Comics #6

Adventure Comics #6

I love Conner Kent.  I have nothing else to say other than Black Lantern Superboy’s belt is made of win and I want to see what is going on in this issue.

Blackest Night LEGO

LEGOS are out of Blackest Night Control!

LEGO does Blackest Night

This made me chuckle.


Brightest Day Promo

White Lanterns are Born in Brightest Day

I’ve been saying for months now that we would see a White Lantern Corps rise in the end of Blackest Night and seems I may have been right on the money now that DC has released a promo image for Brightest Day.

We saw the first glimpse at White Lanterns in Blackest Night #1 with Don Hall, Dove I, being at peace and again in the Blackest Night: Titans tie-in with Dove II, Dawn Granger – Dove is a White Lantern. While I’m some what relieved to see there will be an equally powerful team of White Lanterns to combat the Black Lanterns but I think the birth of the White Lanterns will be the rebirth of character aimlessly killed for dramatic effect during Blackest Night (See also most every DC B-list character ever).