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Dark X-Men: Cloak and Dagger


Misfits, mutates, latent mutants? Whatever you want to call this duo, Cloak and Dagger are official members in Norman Osbourne’s Dark X-Men. Created to be his mutant defenders and representatives to the public, this Dark Reign team isn’t made up of “villains” just anti-heroes (well Daken’s a villain but if I applied the same logic to Wolverine he’s be considered a villain as well). I’m excited that two of  my favorite Marvel Comics characters are being put into a major title but I’m left a bad taste in my mouth when I look at what Terry Dodson did to them visually.


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I have never been what you will call a fan of Dodson’s work but I did enjoy his work on Wonder Woman. I enjoyed it because it was title about a white woman fighting other white women and Dodson only knows how to draw white women. I’m not saying that to be racist, I’m just saying Terry can’t draw an ethnic person to save his life. He is the Rob Liefeld of Ethnic characters. He proves me right by not only getting rid of Ty’s African facial features but he also gives him a long, luxurious perm. I can’t help but wonder if Dodson thought “Hey, Deodato made Norman into Tommy Lee Jones, I guess I can make Cloak into Snoop Dog!

Mr Dodson, just because a black man moves to the West Coast does not automatically give him long, pressed, permed hair.  Also doesn’t Cloak’s actual cloak focus his powers?

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To Terry’s credit, he can draw the hell outta a white woman. If I were a straighter man, I would want to have a gangbang with Dagger, Emma Frost, and every other X-woman he’s ever drawn. I mean they are some hot ass women. They all have the same generic “European” beauty face but who cares when you can get them in every flavor of the rainbow. 


Needless to say, I’m excited and really looking forward to Snoop Cloak and Dagger being a part of a team and getting the spotlight they deserve (too bad that mini-series  isn’t going to happen though).


If you’re interested in what I think Cloak and Dagger should look like, click here.

Dark Reign – Young Avengers 4 Cover

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What kind of fuckery is this? Wiccan and the de-aged Enchantress embracing? I assumed she’s enchanted him but what might Paul Cornell be trying to say? That homosexuality can be cured if the woman is hot enough (can’t recall her powers working on a woman) or that sexuality is fluid and people (especially at a young age) experiment and try new and different things. Either way, this image changed my mind about the title. I might just enjoy this mini more than I expected too.

Also I find this all too weird considering Wiccan is Scarlet Witch’s son and in the terrible Heroes Reborn event Enchantress pretended to be Scarlet Witch’s mom. After thinking about it, it is sort of like that episode of Futurama where Fry was intimate with his grandmother…yuck.

Anyway, I’m thinking my Younger Avengers Freedom Force skins might need an update once I finish Steel III and Powergirl.