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City of (Marvel) Heroes

This video was a teaser for a MMO Marvel and Cryptic (makers of City of Heroes) were working on. It looks like it would be a way for Cryptic to get out of hot water with Marvel over users infringing on their IP but last year it was cancelled.

It is sad Marvel and Cryptic didn’t move forward with this game. It would have made them a lot of money and probably increased comic sales. Also now that DC is coming out with DC Universe Online, Marvel and Cryptic are going to lose out on the superhero MMO market for 2010.

City of Heroes Skins Are Not Equal to Freedom Force Skins

City of Heroes "Superman"

City of Heroes "Superman"

So I was browsing the web, minding my own business when I came across this article comparing Freedom Force skinning with other games (namely City of Heroes). While I have not skinned anything for City of Heroes, it seems strikingly obvious skinning for City of Heroes is like skinning for the Sims. I’m not sure if it an quality thing or if people just don’t bother to create custom 3d models for new skins but it just seems like you choose colors, upload images for logos, and pick through a list of pre-existing meshed pieces to me.

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