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Sandra Rose < Everything Else Ever

Sandra Rose Craziness on Twitter

Somehow a completely tackless and frankly ugly blogger by the name of Sandra Rose is a trending topic on Twitter today. I’m not sure how or why #sandraroseface got started but there are a lot of people going in on her highly negative and high critical ass. The celeb that has been at the pointy end of her sharp tongue has been up and coming R&B signer – Trey Songz.

I’m not a Trey Songz fan at all (though I did love him signing the hook to Drake’s Successful) but she really goes hard on that boy for no other reason than to start shit with teenage black girls on Twitter.

Here’s some example of the shit people are tweeting about Sandra Rose’s face:

Sandra Rose Twitter

Sandra Rose Twitter

I personally believe Sandra Rose’s Face should be on a Rest In Peace Shirt.

Sandra Rose...

Sandra Rose...

Black Reporter Gets Real Ghetto

Hey White people, I’m going to let you in on a secret – no matter how proper, well-spoken, or educated a Black person may seem, we have the ability to get mad niggerish at the drop of a dime over the littlest things.


You know this nigga lost his job after this shit…

For more information on “Nigga Moments” see The Boondocks: Nigga Moment.

Thank you.

Newest Trend in the Hood, Anime Makeup

So I just got a tweet for Guy Kawasaki aka Master Tweeter and this is what the link sent me to:


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