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Sanctified Sunday: Reverend X and the Spirit of Truth

Get into the Spirit of Truth  with Reverend X

Information on the video:
The “Spirit of Truth” was a segment for a televangelist (under the pseudonym Reverend X – credited as Vincent Stewart) who appeared on a program entitled “One Man Show”. The program was broadcast on Los Angeles-based Public-access television for five years during the late 1990s. A video of the program was uploaded to YouTube in 2006, and the televangelist’s erratic behavior (including frequent swearing and dancing) led to his becoming an Internet phenomenon. Several more videos became available on the Internet over the following months. Now in the present, many other unseen episodes are being added periodically.

Notes from AfghanAnt:
I love that he is calling people “house niggers”, takes the Lord’s name in vain, and is missing tooth. How did they let this man on television without have an uproar from the Negro Community.

Luke Cage Leads Thunderbolts in Marvel’s new Heroic Age

Super-powered Black Man Survives God-massacring Siege Event, Get Demoted

Why they had to demote a brother?

Luke Cage leads the even newer Thunderbolts

I’m a little annoyed that Captain America’s second-in-command and defacto leader New Avengers is now leading a team of super-villains and c-list superheroes (Man-Thing? Are you fucking serious?).  I like Jeff Parker ok but why did this ushering in for the Heroic Age mean a demotion for one of the best Avengers members in years.  Also fucking you Bendis! You tell the world how you would be gay for Luke Cage if he were real and even marry him to your Alias creation, Jessica Jones, and you not only kick him off your team book but you fail to ad even one person of an vaguely ethnic background to your team? Fuck! Even Grant Morrison’s original ubermensch JLA lineup had a half-Mexican ( Kyle Rayner) and a fucking green martian.  I’m actually really disappoint Luke Cage isn’t even a Secret Avenger. I had hope that he and Jessica would be the modern age Hank and Janet (minus the wife-beater and killer robot children).

URGH! First Lil’ Wayne goes to jail now this? Today is a terrible day to be Black in American. What’s next, Obama gonna get assassinated? America, I’m done!

P.S. I know I’m being dramatic and I don’t care this is my blog and I am not particularly happy with Marvel or DC for the way they treat their ethnic characters. It seems like ethnic characters and women are either demoted, depowered, or fridged.

Thor Thursday: Luke Cage, The Black Thor

What If Luke Cage found the Hammer of Thor?

Black Thor - Luke Cage

Sweet Asgard! It's Luke Cage as Black Thor!

AfghanAnt Thoughts: Hahahahahahahahaha! Dear God in Heave let this be revived in 2010.

2010 Wish: Nubia for Wonder Woman

Nubia - The Black Wonder Woman

Nubia - The Black Wonder Woman

Nubia: Wonder Woman’s Black Sistah
Formed from clay as a twin to Diana (Wonder Woman), the dark skinned Nubia was kidnapped by Mars, who raised her, controlling her mind so that she would help him bring down the Amazons.

After a session in the Amazon Memory banks, Diana is confronted by an armored female warrior who challenges her to single combat. The two initially wrestle, then face each other with swords. Diana and the intruder seem evenly matched until the intruder knocks the sword from Diana’s hands, and then hesitates to kill her, giving Diana the chance to wrestle her to a draw.

The stranger declares “I am Nubia!”, then she and Diana embrace. Queen Hippolyta wonders if this was indeed the same Nubia who was to be raised as Diana’s sister.

AfghanAnt’s Thoughts: After reading this amazingly insightful Wonder of Wonders article at CBR, I gave reminiscing about a character I had met in a dusty ol’ comicbook shop in Montclair, NJ – Nubia. At the time I didn’t understand how offensive she really was but to me she was the closest thing to having a Black Wonder Woman. Why was that so important to me at 10? I’m not sure but it was and I never forgot her after our brief encounter.

Even to this day I wonder why she isn’t used as much by comic writers. She had everything a good female character needed – determination, a cause, and more importantly superpowers. I really don’t know where I was going with this post other than to express some childhood love for an obscure character but I’d really like it if Nubia was featured in Wonder Woman (wearing that amazing 70’s armor of course). Maybe it will happen in the new year but more than likely it wont. It’s hard being black and woman even if you’ve super strength and a sword.

If Obama can be Superman than Michele can play Wonder Woman

Nigga, Step Yo Literary Prowess Up

Blacks Call Everything Racist, The Sky is Still Blue

I don’t usually like to put other people on blast but I am sick and tired of every time a black man is in a photo with a white woman, niggas want to call it racist.

Case in point, Miss Jia recently blogged about this David La Chapelle photo that featured Kanye “Invite My Ass on Stage to Destory a White Girl’s Moment” West and Lady “I’ll Wear Anything to Take Away from My Face” Gaga.


Doc West, Man of Platinum & Lady Jungle

This is what Miss Jia had to say about the image:

it reminds me of the controversy a while back regarding THIS photo of Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen or THESE photos of Naomi Campbell. A lot of people felt that the images were considered “racist,” as they presented Blacks as savage animals. Hmm…

Her assertion that this image is “suspect” not only annoys me because A) she doesn’t recognize that LaChapelle was doing a homage to pulp fiction heroes, more specifically Doc Savage, Man of Bronze and B) Blacks are the first ones to start screaming “that’s racist” any time racial relations are portrayed.  Especially if Blacks aren’t the “star” (which by the way ‘Ye is in this image. He’s he “hero” after all).

What kills me about Black youth calling every-fucking-thing racist is they have no fucking clue what real racism is! With all our bling worshiping, booty smacking and irrational demands (why is it the nigga that is most disrespectful demanding the most fucking respect?), we have forgotten as a people what is real racism looks and feels like.


I would link back to her but I don’t want to help put money in her pocket for interpretation fail.

Nas: Be A Nigger Too

There are a handful of artists I feel truly connected to because of the content of their work: the isolation of being Morrissey, Jay Jay Johanson’s functional depression, and the eccentric embrace of Andrew Bird but none of them speak as directly to my core as Nas does.

I remember the first time I heard Illmatic, I was like 9 or 10 and I remember being blown away by all the cursing (it is probably why I curse so much). I’d sit around the kitchen and just listen to him strings coherent words together that just draw me in – I knew even at that age he was talking to me and this shit was important. In fact it was the first album that taught me life’s a bitch and then unfortunately you death (which is oddly an idea that both Morrissey and Jay Jay embrace). From that moment I knew this nigga knew not only who I was inside but also outside. I’m not one to actually focus on skin color (besides when a nigga is blue-black) but Nas has a way of describing the realest elements of being Black in America in 16 bars – something my white musical influence can’t do.

No one song of Nas’ speaks to me with as much power as his “Be A Nigger Too”. I feel like that is the young, black, and urban anthem. While his counterparts spit lines about the hoes they fucked and the jewels they bought, Nas is kicking knowledge. He’s trying to express Blackness in its purest form and being “black” is definitely something I take serious. How could I not? I’m constantly reminded by the people around me whether its positive or negative.

Regardless, hats off to big homey for writing music that actually makes me sit down and think too.

This is my openin scripture – I’ve been preparin this album
my whole life, might be uncomfortable for most you listeners
Satin’s bombardin me with propositions, but I decline
I started in the Bridge without a pot to piss in
I overcame all the opposition
My teachers told that I’d a broken mayne on a cot in prison
Cloaked in the finest drapes, not bathe in napes
But we still filthy, Supreme Court say we still guilty
This is the Genesis, and I don’t even see a worthy arch nemesis
I get loose like the Jena Six, they put a noose on ‘Pac
now I’m defendin Vic, and free that nigger TIP
I’d take the grave or a bid
to let some dirty clan members run up in my crib
and plant cracks on the man that’s goin to church
Plants packs on the man that’s goin to work
and build cases, meanwhile they daddies and they brothers
is recruitin all my brothers and cousins to fill bases
The nerve of y’all to call Escobar racist
Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger hatred

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DC Comics: Milestone Forever

Milestone Forever

DC Comics Milestone Forever

McDuffie will team with John Paul Leon, Mark Bright, Chris Cross and Denys Cowan to wrap up the stories from Hardware, Icon, Shadow Cabinet, Blood Syndicate and Static. I figured we were well past ever seeing these characters again in their original environment, so this is welcome news, even if it is “a bittersweet tale that chronicles the literal end of a universe.”

What is Milestone Comics?

Milestone Comics was DC Comics answer to multiple cries of everyone one on DC Earth being white or black folks with “Black” in their name. Here’s what Wiki says:

Milestone Media is a company best known for creating the Milestone comics imprint (that was published through DC Comics) and the Static Shock cartoon series. It was founded in 1993 by a coalition of African-American artists and writers (namely Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle) who believed that minorities were severely underrepresented in American comics. Milestone Media was their attempt to correct this imbalance.
Christopher Priest participated in the early planning stages of Milestone Media, and was originally slated to become the editor-in-chief of the new company, but bowed out for personal reasons before any of Milestone’s titles were published.

Who Dat?

The major heroes of this world were Icon (black slave Superman – I’m not kidding he was like a black slave who became a “Superman”) and his sidekick Rocket (pregnant black teen who had inertia powers because of a black slave Superman’s alien belt) , the ever popular Static (I loved his hard Static was but that damn cartoon ruined him for me forever), and the lesser known Hardware ( I have no clue who this nigga is but I guess a black Iron Man).

Oh if you didn’t believe me about DC Comics being sort of racist or ignorant with black characters and readers, check out this DC comics questionnaire for the 70’s!

DC Comics, reall? Black People?

I’m offended that “Black People” were below Pollution but I have to give them props – it only took them 25 years to printing Milestone Comics but they still refuse to give Black Lighting, Black Racer, Black Manta, and Black Bomber, Black Vulcan, and my favorite Black Cyborg. Oh wait he wasn’t called “Black Cyborg” he was just black.

Drake- Play Ball ft. Richie Wess & Yung Dred

Drake- Play Ball ft. Richie Wess & Yung Dred

Sandra Rose < Everything Else Ever

Sandra Rose Craziness on Twitter

Somehow a completely tackless and frankly ugly blogger by the name of Sandra Rose is a trending topic on Twitter today. I’m not sure how or why #sandraroseface got started but there are a lot of people going in on her highly negative and high critical ass. The celeb that has been at the pointy end of her sharp tongue has been up and coming R&B signer – Trey Songz.

I’m not a Trey Songz fan at all (though I did love him signing the hook to Drake’s Successful) but she really goes hard on that boy for no other reason than to start shit with teenage black girls on Twitter.

Here’s some example of the shit people are tweeting about Sandra Rose’s face:

Sandra Rose Twitter

Sandra Rose Twitter

I personally believe Sandra Rose’s Face should be on a Rest In Peace Shirt.

Sandra Rose...

Sandra Rose...

Black Reporter Gets Real Ghetto

Hey White people, I’m going to let you in on a secret – no matter how proper, well-spoken, or educated a Black person may seem, we have the ability to get mad niggerish at the drop of a dime over the littlest things.


You know this nigga lost his job after this shit…

For more information on “Nigga Moments” see The Boondocks: Nigga Moment.

Thank you.