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Siege #2 Preview

Marvel Comics – Siege #2

The blockbuster Marvel event of the year goes full-blown carnage and madness as the biggest and most brutal battle in Marvel’s history brings together heroes from all sides. Lines have been drawn, and an unlikely hero will save one Avenger, but they can’t save them all. The Siege has begun and it claims its first victim as AN AVENGER WILL DIE!!

Thor #604 Preview

Thor #604 Preview

COVER BY: Billy Tan
WRITER: Kieron Gillen
PENCILS: Billy Tan
INKS: Matt Banning
LETTERED BY: Chris Eliopoulos

Has Doctor Doom crossed a line…? And what role did Loki play in Doom’s sinister plans? What did Loki know…and when…? Now, as Thor heads to Latveria to settle the score, only one thing can happen: Thor sitting Doom down and having a serious chat about their feelings. By which we mean, STATE-OF-THE-ART SLEDGHAMMER SKY-SCRAPING SUIT-SMASHING SUPERHEROICS! Billy Tan (NEW AVENGERS) draws the action-packed escapades while Kieron Gillen (NEW UNIVERSAL: 1959, DARK REIGN: ARES, Phonogram) starts his six issue run. Hold onto your runestones, True Believers – things get hectic quick! Rated T …$2.99

Kelda Stormbringer is cuter than you

You will be missed Kelda Stormbringer

AfghanAnt’s Take
I really love Billy Tan’s work. It it the first time since Coipel leaving that I was visually interested in the title again but I am annoyed that Kieron Gillen killed of Kelda. Her visually effect was really cool.