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Racist’s Aunt Gets On Internet, Hilarity Ensues

Blogger Note: This blog and Twitter account have been confirmed as fake. I knew Granma Grizzly was too good to be true…

Erika Winchester’s Eldery Aunt is OOC Too?

Racist’ Aunt Grabs the Keyboard and Puts the Internet On Blast

Grandma Grizzly aka  Betsy McCoochey, the aunt of Hingham racist Erika Winchester, has taken to internet to support her niece’s disrespectful and disgusting action.

Dusky Character Attacks My Niece, Good People Get Blamed

"Dusky Character Attacks My Niece, Good People Get Blamed"

On her blog, Grandma Grizzly’s Conservative ActionPAC, McCoochey has this to say,

Recently, you may have seen an internet video of my niece (now I’m afraid to say her name) having a discussion with a postal carrier of unknown origins. It makes me think of when Trent Lott said that if we had elected segregationist Strom Thurmond as president back in 1918 then “we wouldn’t have had all these problems”.

Now, I’m not racist. nobody in my family is. But doesn’t this just drive Lott’s point home?

THIS kind of treatment from GOVERNMENT (socialist) minions is exactly why conservatives are driven to blow off steam by forwarding .jpgs of watermelons growing on the White House lawn.

She went on to push the blame on the victim:

The questions NOBODY has asked is: Is this supposed postal worker actually a musli[m] terrorist from Africa? The accent sounds suspect.

Dis bitch is crazy.

After writing this post, McCoochey took to Twitter to confirm Erika Winchester, whose profession is in public speaking, is in fact her niece. She also revealed that people are sending strippers, pizza, and sandwiches to her niece’s home.




I do not like being disrespectful to old women, no matter what race or beliefs they have, but Grandma Grizzly needs to sit her senior citizen ass down before I call her nurse to come turn her computer off.

Black Hingham Postal Worker Fired, Abusive White Woman Gets Away Scott-Free

Racism is Still Alive in Hingham, MA

Black USPS Worker Fired for Being Called a Nigger

Do You Know This Racist?

Do You Know This Racist?

I am not a socially conscious blogger and I don’t like waking up to things like this, but given the utter failure on the part of both the USPS and the Hingham, MA Police department to address this matter I thought I would. Allegedly Erika A. Winchester of Hingham, MA signed for a certified letter for her husband, Randall Winchester. After realizing the certified letter was a possible collection notice from the Rotary Club of Hingham and Hull, Erika went into a racist and socially misguided frenzy which included her physically slapping him and saying “..you fucking nigger thief.. I’m not bigoted…because you’re acting like a nigger..”, “your IQs are lower and therefore the people who need to help you, you don’t know it…” and, “You killed Martin Luther King you niggers turn on each other, you’re stupid…”.

Racists say the darndest things…

To make matter worse, the USPS worker was apparently fired over the incident and Erika did not even receive a slap on the wrist despite her hate speech, assault, and her threats made against his life.

Below you will find the event in two videos hugsonamic recorded with his mobile phone. This man deserves justice not only because he was fired for the incident but because the government failed to do its job when race was involved.

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Twitter Does Youtube Now

Youtube Video In Twitter Feed

Right after a heated conversation with supposed Tiger Wood’s mistress Devon James, I discovered Twitter can now embed Youtube videos into your and your followers feeds! Just click the movie reel button in the tweet and the embedded video will pop up and all you have to do is hit play. Hats off to Twitter for this. Making social media go viral even faster than ever.

Youtube on Twitter

Youtube Videos in Twitter Feed

Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns Tells Gay Teens “It Gets Better”

I actually did an “It Gets Better” video but I realized I don’t know what it is like to be bullied or want to commit suicide and decided against it. While on Twitter this morning I came across this video of Fort Worth City Councilman Joel Burns retelling his personal story and I was touched in a way I rarely am.


Uncanny X-Men 364 X-Mail Flashback!

Ant’s X-Mail about the All New, All Deadly Cerebro’s X-Men

Cerebro's X-Men

Cerebro's X-Men

While I was rereading old X-Men comics last night, I noticed an old letter I wrote into Marvel comics when I was 15. I had completely forgotten about this letter and was overjoyed to find it again. I initially wrote this letter as a response to Uncanny X-Men #360 which featured a group of new “mutants” gathered by the Founder. As many of you know already, the Founder was Cerebro wearing Charlie X’s face while his gathered group of mutants were actually nano-tech constructs based on the personalities and powers of other mutants. Anyway, I had a lot of questions regarding this team (as well as Joseph who I dearly loved) and I sent them in.

Uncanny X-Men #364 X-Mail

Uncanny X-Men #364 X-Mail

I loved these characters, I thought they were infinitely more interesting than either of the current teams and even to this day, I muse about them returning either as real mutants or nano-tech constructs.

New Uncanny X-Force Line-Up Revealed

Marvel Comics Uncanny X-Force

Uncanny X-Force Debuts in X-Men Second Coming #2

Uncanny X-Force

“Marvel is pleased to unveil the top-secret lineup of the all-new, all-deadly Uncanny X-Force, making their debut in X-Men Second Coming #2! In the jaw dropping finale of the critically acclaimed Second Coming, sacrifices have been made and now, the savior of mutantkind will rise! After the devastation from Bastion’s forces, the X-Men must band together and rebuild, but one group has other plans. When a secret society resurrects the feared villain Apocalypse, Wolverine’s brand new black-ops team is the only strong enough to take him down – by any means necessary. Be the first to get in on the non-stop, explosive action this October as red hot creators Rick Remender and Jerome Opeña bring you the all-new ongoing series, Uncanny X-Force!”

AfghanAnt’s Thoughts on the Uncanny X-Force

Uncanny X-Force #1

Uncanny X-Force #1

I have never been a fan of X-Force. I’ve enjoyed the art but I always thought it was ultra-violent for the sake of being ultra-violent. I also never understood why Cyclops, of all people, would assemble a team of killers to defend the mutant race. It just always seemed against the X-Men code. Anyway, I’m excited to see Psylocke and Archangel on the same team again. Hopefully we’ll see some romantic connection amongst the murdering.

We all knew Wolverine was going to stay on the team. He’s practically the leader but I’m confused why two non-mutants are on the team. Fantomex is a super-sentinel and Deadpool is a mutate.

In fact, Psylocke shouldn’t be considered a mutant (well I guess he Asian body is actually a mutant) but originally Betsy Braddock was half-human, half-Otherworlder like her brothers Brian Braddock (Captain Britain) and Jamie Braddock.

If you know anything about me, you know I loved Morrison’s X-Men run, so seeing Fantomex back is really excited but I’m not digging this weird black and white costume he’s wearing and I’m really not digging Deadpool’s either. Let’s hope they aren’t colored like this in the actual comic.

Sanctified Sunday: Reverend X and the Spirit of Truth

Get into the Spirit of Truth  with Reverend X

Information on the video:
The “Spirit of Truth” was a segment for a televangelist (under the pseudonym Reverend X – credited as Vincent Stewart) who appeared on a program entitled “One Man Show”. The program was broadcast on Los Angeles-based Public-access television for five years during the late 1990s. A video of the program was uploaded to YouTube in 2006, and the televangelist’s erratic behavior (including frequent swearing and dancing) led to his becoming an Internet phenomenon. Several more videos became available on the Internet over the following months. Now in the present, many other unseen episodes are being added periodically.

Notes from AfghanAnt:
I love that he is calling people “house niggers”, takes the Lord’s name in vain, and is missing tooth. How did they let this man on television without have an uproar from the Negro Community.

The Chaos War: Hercules Returns, Mikaboshi Strikes!

Heroic Age Marvel Event: The Chaos War

Hercules Returns in The Chaos War

Hercules Returns in The Chaos War

“The Chaos King, the living embodiment of the void before time and space began, has decided he liked things better before everything was,” explains editor Jordan White. “He’s on a mission to wipe out all of existence with an army of alien space gods at his back, and the only ones who can stop him are the gods of Earth’s pantheons, lead by the all-new God Squad! Hercules leads Thor, Sersi, Venus, Galactus, and The Silver Surfer in protecting all of reality against The Chaos King!

Virtually every mythology describes a state of chaos and darkness that existed before creation itself,” Pak says. “The Chaos King is the personification of that chaos and darkness. In essence, he’s the antithesis of creation.

A villain with such power and motivation as well as an army of subjugated gods won’t be easily taken down, so it’s up to the recently resurrected Hercules to lead the God Squad, a task he’s not necessarily too thrilled about.”

Japanese Goblin Shark

I am a huge fan of shark because I grew up where the story that Jaws is based on happened and I have to say this shark scared the fuck out of me.

Oh NO! Where have I been?

I’ve been ignoring the fuck out of my blog lately because I’ve blogging for work (among other things) and playing the hell out of my Xbox 360 (I love FF13, I don’t care what people think).  I really don’t know how people like Rich Juzwiak are able to blog for a living and run success and relevant personal blog – http://fourfour.typepad.com/fourfour/