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I am…Nigga Minaj

This Post is For Real Niggas Only

I don’t usually write about personal beefs with people but I thought this was special because every decision I made until this blog post was calculated and thought out.

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So I’ve been ignoring my blog recently. Not because there isn’t things to blog about, I’m just a little burnt out. From both work and life. Either are particularly difficult, I’m just really in need of some time away from computers and New Orleans.

I wish I had a rocket to go to Uranus right now…

Annual Mardi Gras Post

Krewe Du Vieux 2010

I don’t know what to say about Mardi Gras that I had said in years past. It’s my favorite time of year, I get to wear eye makeup and no one blinks (with the exception of Joey who kept telling me how distracting it was) and drink. A lot. Though I did promise myself this year would be different, this year I wouldn’t drink so much that I would be bed ridden for days upon days afterwards. I assume this means I’m growing up (which is directly related to a 7 month old baby actively being in my life).  I’m actually excited for once to just be around people I know and watch the floats.

Blurry Ant & Dan

Last weekend was Krewe Du Vieux which is the parade I usually get so drunk out that I forget my name and where I live and I didn’t even do that this year. In fact I wasn’t even hung over. It was so fantastically amazing. I came home with more throws in previous years and I got these really amazing underwear with a sperm on the back (as pictured above).  The parade I am really looking forward to is Endymion. This is the first parade I ever saw in New Orleans almost 10 years ago so this year feels like it will extra special to me. I don’t know why nor have I really thought about it but Endymion is the parade that fills me with this sense of childhood wonder and delight. Like its name sake, it’s a sleeping prince that awakening in a thunderous howl. He grabs the most colorful garments and start twirling them around until the seem to shimmer. That is what this parade is to me. Color and noise and expression. Everything I love so dearly.  Ah. This year seems like it will be the best year ever – no one to babysit, no using my home as a hostel, and most importantly I’ll probably save like $300 dollars by buying my own alcohol and staying uptown this year.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

Mardi Gras 2010 will be enchanting.

10 Years of Afghan Ant (AfghanAnt)

The Internet History of Afghan Ant (AfghanAnt)

“telepathy is an unusual power for a computer to develop”

AfghanAnt Circa 2000

AfghanAnt Circa 2000

This been my personal tag line since forever actually. Why am I telling you this? Because I recently imported all of my old Livejournal post that date back to 2001. That’s right – my blog now has 10 years of my history.

I find it hard to believe I’ve been writing about myself and things I enjoy for ten years but here we are. It actually makes me feel old as hell but I guess I did start blogging when I was 17. Before that I would just troll in AOL chat rooms pretending to be older to see dick shot from middle age men (true story).

Gay Red Ranger Scandal

I’m not sure why I started a Livejournal account (strangevisitor) but I updated it faithful until 2008.  Most of the post were either about a boy I was dating, a boy I liked, or a boy who I recently broke up with and I wanted to kill him. Amidst of these emo post, I was also a member of a notoriously bitch group of posters on the OHNOTHEYDIDNT. Even though I submitted hundreds of stories during my run, none of them can compare to my 2006 post, the notorious “Go, Go Porno Ranger” article.  This story made everyone and their mom shit bricks. Here was the story of a teenage children show star turned desperate “gay-for-pay” performer.  Needless to say, the story eventually went viral and the likes of Perez Hilton and Snopes.com stole reposted my original story. However, I spawned a new urban dictionary term, “red ranger“, and even had a YTMND videos created.

Go Go Porno Ranger

Go Go Porno Ranger

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Haters Gonna Hate


Two Men and a Baby

Us with the baby So a few days ago I got a letter from two of my favorite people in the world with a picture of me, Dan and the their baby together. I don’t know why but seeing us with the baby has actually done something to me. I’m not saying I want one or even entertaining the idea of getting one in the next 5 years but it is a nice thought. We’ve been together for almost 7 years now and you get to a point in a relationship where you start thinking about this sort of stuff.

I use to think stuff like wanting a baby or even a marriage was the “playing straight” thing but now that I’m getting older I realize it is about creating a life with someone you love (oh god, did I just type that shit…).

Either way, I’m excited to be the baby’s “guncle” with Dan and just having this picture on our fridge gives me a daily reminder of what is important in life.

Racism Fail?

So I was on Youtube just now and I jokingly said that a commenter was in love with sxephil in a homosexual way and this was his reply:

Listen here mother bitch. You’re a pakki, with a chode. Tar skinned, Indian filth go die in a hole. I’m going to fucking fist your Urethra if you ever say anything like that to your almight God again, understood? You spear throwing fucking prick.

My response was childish and I did say he obviously wanted to toss Phil’s salad and something about cum but how ridiculous is that comment?

First he used the wrong racist remarks against me and then he threatens me with an extreme homosexual remark? I can’t help but think that the commenter is some sort of self-hating homosexual. So sad.

There’s No Spark. No Light in the Dark. To Make Sense.


My life has been going extremely well lately but I’m constantly left with this feeling that I’m not getting enough done quickly enough. Like I’m rummaging around in a dark room trying to put a puzzle together instead of looking for a light. I thought getting the business running with Joe and Adam would really help me focus all this ambient energy around me but if anything it feels like yet another thing on my plate that will be malnurturished until it finally blossoms.

Maybe I should stop with all my hobbies.

No endless hours of reading Encyclopedia Dramatic facts, or playing JRPGs on Xbox360, creating content for Freedom Force, or disgusting Japanese pornography that would make Warren Ellis cringe.

But if I gave those things up what do I have? Dinner with Dan? Being a productive member of the e-commerce team? Scramble and late night bar hopping with my friends? Riding that extremely overpriced Italian bike (which I need to sell NAO!). Blah!

I need to learn how to focus all my energy on one thing. Maybe that is the problem. Six (Seven in Sept) years of being together seems to put me in a place of always reaching for new things in fear that if I settle for what I have I’ll become bored (thank HOVA Dan has remained relatively unaffected). We’ve been talking about the whole marriage thing and I honestly like the idea of a rare video game being my engagement dowry. I don’t know anyone else who would settle for Marvel Vs Capcom 2 as declaration of love but I’m weird and a geeky guy. Maybe that is the real problem. We are stuck in Limbo while all of our friends (gay and straight) are tying the knot. The very idea of being married scares me. I think it is the gypsy in me but being legally tied to someone scares me. What if I want to sell all my belongs, give the cats to Bryce (for some reason I trust him with animals…just not children), and run off to Brazil and embracing my longing to sail on the Águas de Março. I am sure Dan would understand and even join me to learn from Brazilian chefs but what would my travelling do to our relationship. Knowing me I’d become friends with transsexual prostitutes and become a fisherman. I should buy a boat but who buys a boat when they have no interest in cars (they bore me). I shouldn’t be wasting what little light is left of this day. I’m going to head for the Mississippi and watch some ships come in.

That would be nice.

Hot Like Fire

Why is it always so fucking hot in New Orleans during the summer? I wish I was in fucking Atlanta right now.

New Apartment in the French Quarter

Click to Enlarge

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So I went to look at an apartment in the French Quarter today because my landlady is an asshole who never fixes anything and I  live in the ghetto. Needless to say, I saw the view and I fell in love with the place. If I take the place I will be paying less and have a balcony in the Quarter. How unbelievable would that be? This is the website for the complex – DH Holmes. I am completely in love with the idea of having a pool on my roof. June 1st can’t get here fast enough.