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My New Blog

So LJ has sort of lost all it’s charm for me so I created a new blog. It was created for my Freedom Force hobby but I decided why not make it all about me.


Also you can follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/afghanant

Don’t worry, I’ll be around to read and comment on your post. 😛

You know what I’m going to do this weekend? Sleep in the park with Dan. Too bad we can’t bring the kitties.

Me on Youtube!


I’m leavin for Austin on Tuesday. I think we need the break so much. I realized it not that I don’t love him because I do but I just can’t deal with his depression. He wrote me a poem the other day and I couldn’t tell if he was telling me he loved me or wanted to boil the flesh from my bones. He’s complicated and I don’t know how to deal with it. That and he has an obsession with porn. Its to the point he prefers porno to me. I don’t even know how to deal with that. How can I compete with endless internet porn? What does that mean about us? His need to be alone hurts me but I don’t know how to say that without it ending in a fight. I’m rambling now so I’m going to just play Street Fighter 4 and ignore that my life is like a spinning plate.


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If you love the Eiffel Tower so much why don’t you marry it.

Crazy people in the links below:



Cocoa Spam and My Office


I,John moka and my sister Cota D’Ivoire.We are orphans being that we lost our father and mother.Our late father was a serving director of the cocoa exporting board unil has death.He was assassinated by the rebets following the poltical uprising.

Before his death he has deposited in a bank here in Cote D’Ivoire,the sun of $18 million which was meat for the importation of cocoa processing machine.But he informed the bank money belong to his oversea associtate who is the beneficiary.

I want you to do us a favonr to this funds to asafe account in your country or any asfer place as the beneficiary.I have plans to do investment in your country,like real estate and industrial products.This is my reason for writing to you.Please if you are willing to assist me and my only sister,indicate your interest inreplying soonest.

We are willing to offer you 15% percent of the totalsum as your compensaton for receiving the money to your country.

John Moka

All I have to say to this email is, Dubbya Tea Eff?

So for those of you who don’t know my company laid off 11 people recently (one of those people my amazing boss) and I decided to take pictures of my corner office (in case I never get to see it again).

My cluttered desk and wall of ideas.

My Google Frig (spend 100,000 dollars and you get a frig)