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“NEW GENERATION OF HOPE” Revealed (Sort of)

Second Coming Reveals Location of New Mutants

Second Coming - Generation of Hope

Second Coming - Generation of Hope

Allan Heinberg and Olivier Coipel on Uncanny X-Men #526 Backup

Uncanny X-Men #526 – Avengers: Children’s Crusade Tie-in

Young Avengers’ Writer & Super star Artist Bridge the Gap Between X-Men and Young Avengers

Coipel on Uncanny X-Men #526 Backup

Coipel on Uncanny X-Men #526 Backup

Marvel.com: Allan Heinberg and Olivier Coipel play in the x-sandbox! If the fallout from “Second Coming” wasn’t enough to make you buy Uncanny X-Men #526, then how about a bonus story by two of the best talents in the industry? Allan Heinberg may be the busiest man in the world, splitting his time between television (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and comics (Avengers: Children’s Crusade, Young Avengers) but he couldn’t pass up an opportunity to write Cyclops, Magneto and Wolverine.

What does Magneto learn that sends him down a path that the rest of the world would rather he just stay away? And what does it mean to his relationship with the X-Men? Oh, and did we mention that the artist of Marvel’s Siege event was drawing it? Olivier Coipel’s first sequential work since illustrating the Sentry’s death and the new formation of the Avengers is in Uncanny #526. Don’t miss it!

So this looks like the set up for the cliffhanger in the latest issue of Avengers: Children Crusade. I sort of wished that Heinberg did a backup every month the title didn’t ship (Children’s Crusade is bimonthly) to keep the momentum going but I guess that is too much to ask for from him. I really do think Children’s Crusade will suffer from being bi-monthly. I mean seriously, 18 months to tell a 9 part story is all kinds of crazy.

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The Five Lights of A New Generation of Hope

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UNCANNY X-MEN #526 (MAY100634)
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC – 7/8/10, On Sale 7/28/10

So it appears that there will be at least five new mutants coming to the X-Universe this month. I’m excited but at the same time I feel like I’ve seen all of these characters before (Blink is that you?). I’m guessing Hope’s power recently awakening is going to restart the mutant gene.

If only Wanda had said no more Jean Grey clones and two of my favorite characters would have survived Second Coming…RIP Nightcrawler and Cable.

Never Get Between a Black Man and His Ding Dong

Luke Cage is Crazy for Ding Dongs

FRINGE’s “OTHER SIDE” DC Comics Covers

New Power Man Debuts in Shadowlands – Marvel Comics

All New Power Man Debuts in Shadowland

Luke Cage Could Not Be Reached For a Comment

All New, All Different Power Man

All New, All Different Power Man

Shadowland: Power Man, a four-issue mini-series by Fred Van Lente, starts in August with a teenaged hero in the lead role. This new Power Man has ties to both Iron Fist and Luke Cage, with a slew of newly revived street villains and a power set and origin that links him to Bullseye.

While I’m not to keen on Luke Cage’s superhero name being given away (even if he isn’t using it or that fabulous tiara he use to wear anymore), I am excited that a guy named Power Man has energy-based powers. Though, I’m not too keen on another urban superhero involved in a turf war. I get that there aren’t many black urban superheroes in Marvel anymore (since they are all getting promote to the top-tier comics), I’d like to see some African mythology superheroes like a Black Thor. Hell give me Luke Cage as Black Thor, I’d even settle for him to re-inherit Wrecker’s crowbar (even though I am sure that would just cause all kind of negative imagery about black superheroes).

J.Scott Campbell Covers True Blood

True Blood Comic To Hit Shelves Soon

True Blood: Comic Series

HBO Official True Blood Comic Synopsis

Alan Ball’s hit HBO series, the sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creature, comes to IDW! Blood and sex mix on a hot rainy night at Merlotte’s, when Sookie and her friends are trapped by a vengeful spirit who feeds on shame. People die and dirty secrets are revealed as Sookie, Bill, Eric, Sam, Tara, Jason, and Lafayette are all coerced to dig deep and tell painful memories from their past — those things we all have locked within us that we never tell another living soul!

Bon Temps, Louisiana has never been stranger, or more twisted, in a story co-plotted by True Blood series creator Alan Ball with a script by David Tischman (Bite Club) and Mariah Huehner and lush art by David Messina (Star Trek: Countdown). Bonus inside every issue: an exclusive pullout gatefold poster by David Messina!

Why Idris Elba Being A Black Asgardian Doesn’t Bother Me

Journey Into Mystery Vol. 3 #503

Journey Into Mystery Vol. 3 #503

Back in the early 90’s, Asgardian part of the Marvel Universe got a major makeover – Thor was displaced from 616 to a terrible “Image” inspired Hero Reborn Universe. As a consequence to this abortion, Thor dropped out of his own series beginning with issue #503 and his book’s title was restored toJourney into Mystery. The series continued with the “Lost Gods” storyline (which ran through issue #513). Due to something or other, the Asgardian Gods was all remade as human being – They become the Lost Gods.

While some still appeared as they had, many of the Asgardians became different ethnicities.  Among them was Heimdall -He is the brother of the warrior Sif. He is the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian sentry of Asgard, he stands on the rainbow bridge, Bifrost and stands watch for any attacks to Asgard. He partly won the role through using his eyesight to see an army of giants several days’ march from Asgard, allowing them to be defeated before they reached Asgard. He became Donald Velez – a Hispanic man.

So when I saw that the noted BLACK actor, Idris Elba, was chosen to play Heimdall for the Thor movie. I didn’t really mind.

“Black Asgardian God! Blasphemy,” yelled the internet – the internet deemed it reverse racism and another instance of Hollywood Black washing a white role to make it more marketable. To those internet retards I say thee nay!

Marvel Comics already set a precedence for multi-racial Asgardians because the previous mentioned Lost Gods storyline. Asgardians can be black, white, and every color in-between – so if Brave Baldur (Odin illegitimate heir) can be a black man, I think the guardian of a gay rainbow bridge can certainly be a black man. The only question I have is – how are they going to explain him and Sif being sibling?

Idris Elba The Black Asgardian

Idris Elba The Black Asgardian

Teen Titans Homage: The New Mystic Youths

This is the greatest homage I’ve ever seen ever.

The new Mystic Youth is a variant of the Teen Titans (Nightwing, Raven, Changeling, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Cyborg) from The Books of Magic Annual #3: A Thousand Deaths of Timothy Hunter.

The Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

The New Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

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Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9 Review

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #9 Review

Really great issue. Spider-woman takes on the foulmouthed mutant mother/daughter team Spidey took on early in the series. Human Torch helps her and the lulz ensue. Jessica tries to get away from Johnny but he follows her to an alley (well I assume it’s an alley or that warehouse she’s been living out of). He sees her face and falls in love. Johnny immediately ask Jessica out on a date, she freaks.

Fouled Mouthed Mutant Mother/Daughter Team

Fouled Mouthed Mutant Mother/Daughter Team

We cut away to Pete at school, he gets ambushed by Gwen, Mary Jane, and Kitty and gets a haircut in the girl’s bathroom. Tandy (powerless Ultimate Dagger) walks in mutters something bitchy and leaves. I’m not a fan of long hair Pete so it was nice – oh they also mention how round his head look in his costume which is a jab at the cover of Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1

Johnny "Parker" and Jessica Drew Team-Up

Johnny "Parker" and Jessica Drew Team-Up

Later that night at the Parker House, Johnny reveals that he has fallen in love and it’s with Spider-Woman. Peter freaks out after learning that Johnny and Jessica made-out (Spider-woman being a clone with his memories and all sort of freaks him out about what that means about his relationship with Johnny). Everyone is confused because they have no clue Jessica is Pete’s clone, Pete leaves to do the Spidey thing to deal with his feelings. It doesn’t work and we get an emo, yet pretty, splash page.

The next day at school, Johnny tries to get Pete to explain but the government comes in to take Kitty away because of the anti-mutant act. She refuses, Peter comes to her defense and tells her they want her to react like this – the government agents point their guns at Kitty and Pete yells “RUN!!”  To be continued…