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Uncanny X-Men 364 X-Mail Flashback!

Ant’s X-Mail about the All New, All Deadly Cerebro’s X-Men

Cerebro's X-Men

Cerebro's X-Men

While I was rereading old X-Men comics last night, I noticed an old letter I wrote into Marvel comics when I was 15. I had completely forgotten about this letter and was overjoyed to find it again. I initially wrote this letter as a response to Uncanny X-Men #360 which featured a group of new “mutants” gathered by the Founder. As many of you know already, the Founder was Cerebro wearing Charlie X’s face while his gathered group of mutants were actually nano-tech constructs based on the personalities and powers of other mutants. Anyway, I had a lot of questions regarding this team (as well as Joseph who I dearly loved) and I sent them in.

Uncanny X-Men #364 X-Mail

Uncanny X-Men #364 X-Mail

I loved these characters, I thought they were infinitely more interesting than either of the current teams and even to this day, I muse about them returning either as real mutants or nano-tech constructs.

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  1. Oh my god, could that be any cuter? And clever-er? The first one to deduce such info! Did you pay as much attention to you high school literature assignments?

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