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Thor Movie Update: Odin, (Helmet-Less Thor), and Loki Photo

First Look at Odin’s & Loki’s costumes from Thor (2011)

Odin, Thor and, Loki Image from Thor (2011) Movie

I am not a fan of these weird metal weaved superhero costumes. Given me viking-inspired Asgardians any day. I also can’t help but think this is going to be from a purely super-science that looks like magic perspective which is a part of the Thor mythos but I much rather have the JMS/Coipel magical floating Asgard in Oklahoma mythos. I hope Kelda and Bill of Bills makes an appearance.

5 Responses

  1. I like what a buddy of mine said, “That shit is Kirby like a muthafucka!”.

  2. Oh, I also perfer the magical floating Asgard. Magic is alright with me in a movie.

    • Yeah it is very Kirby which is fine but I really loved what JMS did with Thor recently.

      I’m still annoyed I haven’t seen one helmet yet.

  3. Yeah, where the hell are the Asgardian helmets? Thor and Loki especially.

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