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The Chaos War: Hercules Returns, Mikaboshi Strikes!

Heroic Age Marvel Event: The Chaos War

Hercules Returns in The Chaos War

Hercules Returns in The Chaos War

“The Chaos King, the living embodiment of the void before time and space began, has decided he liked things better before everything was,” explains editor Jordan White. “He’s on a mission to wipe out all of existence with an army of alien space gods at his back, and the only ones who can stop him are the gods of Earth’s pantheons, lead by the all-new God Squad! Hercules leads Thor, Sersi, Venus, Galactus, and The Silver Surfer in protecting all of reality against The Chaos King!

Virtually every mythology describes a state of chaos and darkness that existed before creation itself,” Pak says. “The Chaos King is the personification of that chaos and darkness. In essence, he’s the antithesis of creation.

A villain with such power and motivation as well as an army of subjugated gods won’t be easily taken down, so it’s up to the recently resurrected Hercules to lead the God Squad, a task he’s not necessarily too thrilled about.”

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