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Why Idris Elba Being A Black Asgardian Doesn’t Bother Me

Journey Into Mystery Vol. 3 #503

Journey Into Mystery Vol. 3 #503

Back in the early 90’s, Asgardian part of the Marvel Universe got a major makeover – Thor was displaced from 616 to a terrible “Image” inspired Hero Reborn Universe. As a consequence to this abortion, Thor dropped out of his own series beginning with issue #503 and his book’s title was restored toJourney into Mystery. The series continued with the “Lost Gods” storyline (which ran through issue #513). Due to something or other, the Asgardian Gods was all remade as human being – They become the Lost Gods.

While some still appeared as they had, many of the Asgardians became different ethnicities.  Among them was Heimdall -He is the brother of the warrior Sif. He is the all-seeing and all-hearing guardian sentry of Asgard, he stands on the rainbow bridge, Bifrost and stands watch for any attacks to Asgard. He partly won the role through using his eyesight to see an army of giants several days’ march from Asgard, allowing them to be defeated before they reached Asgard. He became Donald Velez – a Hispanic man.

So when I saw that the noted BLACK actor, Idris Elba, was chosen to play Heimdall for the Thor movie. I didn’t really mind.

“Black Asgardian God! Blasphemy,” yelled the internet – the internet deemed it reverse racism and another instance of Hollywood Black washing a white role to make it more marketable. To those internet retards I say thee nay!

Marvel Comics already set a precedence for multi-racial Asgardians because the previous mentioned Lost Gods storyline. Asgardians can be black, white, and every color in-between – so if Brave Baldur (Odin illegitimate heir) can be a black man, I think the guardian of a gay rainbow bridge can certainly be a black man. The only question I have is – how are they going to explain him and Sif being sibling?

Idris Elba The Black Asgardian

Idris Elba The Black Asgardian

3 Responses

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  2. I think if it was a comedian, like Cedric the Entertainer, I would be upset cause then Hiemdall will be comic relief. But a alot of gods slept around in ancient myth, so Hiemdall and Sif are probably sibling thru different mothers. Idris is a good actor. Very good. Nothing looks sharper then a black man in armor (see Don Cheadel).

  3. One of my best biggest pet peeves is the idea of people using the terms “reverse racism” when the “reverse” of racism, in this context, is simply acceptance. I just don’t understand how one can append terms to the keyword of “racism.” It either is or it isn’t. This situation falls into the realms of discrimination, profiling, or self-imposed compensation (of the “over” variety).

    The aesthetic changes don’t really bother me as long as they explain it in the movie, don’t make a big deal of it, and don’t change the character’s role (or my expectation of said role) because of the ethnicity alterations. Besides, they’re gods… they’re supposed to be beyond stuff us petty humans fight over or make a big deal. Even more simply, they did it to a character that probably won’t have more than 10 minutes of screen time. Not something to rant and rave over.

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