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Teen Titans Homage: The New Mystic Youths

This is the greatest homage I’ve ever seen ever.

The new Mystic Youth is a variant of the Teen Titans (Nightwing, Raven, Changeling, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Cyborg) from The Books of Magic Annual #3: A Thousand Deaths of Timothy Hunter.

The Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

The New Mystic Youths - The Books of Magic

The New Mystic Youths

In an alternate reality where mystical super-heroes were the norm, young Londoner Tim Hunter became Sparky, the sidekick of English crimefighter Hellblazer, only to be rejected when his benefactor learned that Tim was not of 100% English descent. He became Hellspawn, and formed the Mystic Youth, alongside Moonchild (Alleatha/Raven), Black Talos (Jimmy Morehead/Cyborg), Proteus (Davis Duvall/Changeling), Danny the Running Boy (Danny the Climbing Boy/Kid Flash), and Junior Goddess (Molly O’Reilly/Wonder Girl) — all Books of Magic characters crossed with the powers and costumes of the Teen Titans.

The Mystic Youth were cut down in their prime by a traitor. Moonchild, furious that Tim would choose Junior Goddess over her, attacked them all, and as they lay shattered, her ally appeared: another Tim Hunter, one who had been travelling from world to world, killing his counterparts. Moonchild killed Hellspawn, believing she had a future with the alternate Tim, and the world began to fade from existence.

I love this idea because it is something I already love presented in a interesting way. It sort of why I started reading the Authority. I was in love with Grant Morrison’s JLA and out of no where comes this amazingly compelling title with Superman and Batman analogue not just doing what Superman and Batman do. I really wish this team would’be been used more. It would be extremely interesting to see an update to this team reflecting the current roster of the Teen Titans.

Oh also how amazing is Black Talos? A White guy who becomes Black and then takes a very Black superhero name? Just so lulz worthy.

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