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Spring Break!

Taking a break so I can party work…

Spring Break, Chumps!

Spring Break, Chumps!

While it’s been years since I’ve actually had a Spring Break, I thought I’d take some time off from blogging about comics and other random mess so I could focus on the important things in life – namely work.

Don’t fear all four of you who comment on my blog, I’ll still be tweeting away so you can get your foulmouth fix in the left sidebar. I’m just really burnt out and since my job requires that I type a lot, I’m starting to notice my cyborg arm is getting easily tired easily. Anywho, follow me on Twitter or possibly Facebook if I accept you as a friend, which I will because I can always use more friends.

One a completely random note, you should do yourself a favor and pick up Erykah Badu’s New Amerykah Part Two (Return of the Ankh). It’s a fantastic album and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched Window Seat (which you can watch below!).  I thought the video was beautifully shot even if I wish she didn’t traumatize white folks on street by stripping (how hard would it had been to get a permit?)

Oh and a completely other note, watch Fringe.

The Best Show on Television - Fringe

The Best Show on Television - Fringe

It’s one of my favorite shows and it just keeps setting the bar higher and higher for prime-time Scifi dramas (V, you should be taking notes).

Later, hebrews and shebrews.

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