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What is Pym’s Underspace – Mighty Avengers

Pym’s Underspace: Mighty Avengers

I love cosmic ideas.

Mighty Avengers: What is Pym's Underspace?

Mighty Avengers: What is Pym's Underspace?

The Wasp is Pym's Underspace.

The Wasp is one with Pym's Underspace.

So Slott reveals Wasp didn’t die, she’s become merged with the Underspace. This is kind of cool but also incredibly creepy that Pym knows he is transporting his team via his ex-wife’s body but hasn’t even thought of how to save her.

Oh well, I guess having sex with the android duplicate of your ex-wife is close enough of creepy Dr Pym.

2 Responses

  1. [rant] Dan Slott has just made Hank Pym a giant, amorphous mess of a character that is way too attracted to his robotic sidekick (and I’m scared he’s going to impregnate that poor thing he programmed to love him). I thought Slott’s goal was to “fix” him and make him more viable as a character? So far, he has not succeeded because most people dislike Hank more now than they ever did before. Maybe the word “fix” means something completely different in the Marvel offices because Fraction also aimed to “fix” Psylocke and failed. Maybe they should stop “fixing” things and focus on their stories, editing, and continuity again. Maybe Marvel needs to shuffle around their writers again because Slott on Mighty has really made me start to dislike his writing. Maybe they should pull in Cornell and give him an X-man ongoing? Maybe. [/rant]

    Anyway, an aside if I may, AA, do you happen to use G-wave at all?

    • Lol yeah. Mighty has been really miss with me, especially Quicksilver who I don’t even think should be on the team. He seems useless as a hero. I much rather have scheming, time skipping Pietro to Slott’s version.

      Yes! I do use G-wave.

      theworldbeater (at) gmail.com

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