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Avengers Academy: First Impressions


Are they Half-Baked Heroes or Crossover Causalities?

The Avengers Academy

I like Christos Gage’s writing. I love Mike McKone’s artwork. So when I heard rumors of them working on a teen Avenger titles together I was annoyed that it was most likely not Young Avengers but excited nevertheless. So when Marvel started revealing the cast of Avengers Academy, I was underwhelmed. There wasn’t anything memorable about any of them. The costume were bland, their powers seemed generic and extremely d-list, and I honestly felt like I had seen them before but better…then it hit me, they were Marvel’s version of Ultraverse’s Freex.

Ok maybe not exactly Freex but they give me that visual. Ultimately I wonder if the Avengers Academy will pick up where Young Avengers and the Vision failsafe plotline left off. Are these all legacy characters from existing Avengers foes? We know Reptil has been tied to Stregon (lol), and Veil’s name at least has been used previously. Fortress could have a Red Skull connection and Hazmat looks Asian – possibly Radioactive man heir? Is Striker Living Lighting’s little brother? Even Finesse looks like she could be Mockingbird’s illegitimate daughter.

While I can’t say much else on them, I know I’ll read at least the first arc and if they haven’t been all been killed and replaced or gone through massive changes I’m sure I’m going to drop the title.

Oh speaking of teen heroes, I had a brilliant thought yesterday. Since Kate Bishop will no longer be Hawkeye, she should go by Mockingbird’s original name – Huntress (Marvel Super Action #1). She’s a brunette who likes purple, why not?

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  1. why is the avengers academy filled with z listers you would never want to see on the avengers in a million years?

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