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Ultimate Comics X – Firestar?

Ultimate Firestar

Ultimate Firestar - Liz Allan

If you’ve been following my blog I’ve got a comic crush on Loeb’s newest Ultimate work – Ultimate Comic X. Even though I had initially believed all the characters were new mutants, it seems I was mistaken.

First “Karen” is revealed to be none other than Ultimate Jean Grey and just recently I realized that the fiery girl at the bottom of the first issue has to be Ultimate Firestar, Liz Allan.

Ultimate Firestar - Ultimate Comics X

We know that in the Ultimate X-Men/Fantastic Four Annual, Liz Allan aka Firestar (why isn’t her name Angelica?) is revealed to be the “Human Torch member” of the future Fantastic Four team. So she had to survive the Magneto mayhem and last time we saw her she was hanging with the X-Men and she was the only one that was slaughtered, moved over to Ultimate Spidey (like Kitty and Bobby) or pushed off in a corner (see Rogue and Storm).

The only thing about Ultimate Firestar I didn’t like was why did they decide for her father to be Blob? Was it to say unlike mutancy in 616, Ultimate mutancy is actually random (with the except of Wolverin Jr/Ultimate Daken/James Hudson)?

I also wonder how Loeb will use the fact that this is a mutant who doesn’t want to be a mutant and in fact hates them? This whole title will continue to be interesting if he keeps the senseless battles to a minimum and focus on who these characters are and why they exist in the Ultimate world.

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