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Whatever Happened to the Heroes of Tomorrow?

I love young comic superheroes (sidekicks) – especially the Marvel variety. They always did and said things I would’ve if I lived in a world of Thors and Capatin Americas. I’m particularly a fan of the Young Avengers. They were Marvel answer to DC’s recently relaunched Teen Titans title. However, these weren’t your daddy’s sidekicks. They were aliens, they were legacies, they were drug addicts, they were gay – they fascinated me.  Fast forward, 12 issues and three minis – where are they and why is Marvel expecting me to give a shit about their newest new team of teen characters?

Young Allies

Young Allies? Moar like Early Cancellation. AMIRITE?

I mean honestly I have no interest these Young Allies. I mean sure I like them all fine separately (especially Arana and Gravity) these character seem like they are suppose to be new New Warriors (they can’t use the name yet because of that terrible depowered mutant comics they published with the title). For me the New Warriors are like the Titans – in their twenties trying to forge their own destinies.

I mean it’s nice that McKeever is getting a chance to write Gravity again but whatever happened to him being resurrected with the power cosmic? And doesn’t Firestar have vagina cancer? Shouldn’t Bucky or Nomad or whatever her Counter-Earth ass is calling herself now be trying to get home?  And who the fuck is this random guy in the back?

Oh hey Tempest!

Oh hey Tempest!

I think my biggest fear is Marvel is doing the wrong thing yet again with their sidekicks – first they refuse to publish more Young Avenger comics because the creator is too busy writing episode of Grey’s Anatomy (which is a terrible show), then they banish the Runaways to Cancelled-ville, create the Avengers Initiative (which had promise but slowly declined) and the Secret Warriors (which is actually very good) and now they not only gives us another “Young” title but they also give us an “Avengers” Academy title.

If you can’t tell by now, I’m not amused with the mistreatment of the Young Avengers franchise. It was a great title with extremely developed characters and in their place we get c-listers and noobs.

I hatechu new Marvel kids. Go far, far away. NAO!

9 Responses

  1. Gravity expended all his cosmic power during his revival in that Fan 4 arc, so he’s back to his normal levels. I thought Firestar was healed from her cancer? That’s not how Diva ended?

    As for Young Avengers, I thought they were coming back in style sometime this year? I’ve seen that posted on the CBR forums, but never really investigated. I think it was called Avengers: Children Crusade and Heinberg was going to write it, meaning we’d finally have some advancement with them that other writers were denied.

    • Oh yeah about Gravity and you’re right about Firestar.

      I’m going to continue to hold my breath with regards to season two of Young Avengers. I don’t think that is ever going to happen.

  2. Yeah Firestar is cured of cancer. She’s a favorite of mine. I like Gravity alot too, so there’s a slight chance I might try out Young Allies.

    Avengers the Initiative consistently competes for my favorite book. I’m a little concerned about the Academy relaunch, largely because the teasers have made it clear they’re bringing in a bunch of new characters. They had a ton of cool characters already, I hope they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

    I’m tempted to try out Secret Warriors, largely because of Cassili’s art. I was going to pick up some issues at my shops last sale but they were missing too many issues. Bendis’s involvement scares me off though. I’m not huge on his work.

    Total agreement about the Young Avengers. Great characters, great book but waiting for Heinberg was a huge mistake. Good news is his story is supposed to come out this year (still not solicited) and once that’s finally done we can hopefully get a good dependable writer on an ongoing again. I can dream at least.

    • Yeah, you’re right. I forgot about Firestar getting cured.

      I liked Initiative at first. I mean a lot but it just lost me when it wasn’t focused on Cloud 9, Hardball, and the other original cast. I am still wondering what happened to Armory (was that her name?). I really liked her design.

      I really don’t know if that story is coming – I’ve been seeing them talk about Heinberg return for years now.

  3. When I saw this and Avengers Academy I thought the same thing: Why waste time on these when you could just do YA? Silly Marvel.


    Secret Warriors was Bendis’ idea but he was spread so thin he had Hickman pitch the book to Marvel. Bendis’ name was just attached to the first arc for sales purposes. It’s all written and scripted by Hickman. Also, Caselli doesn’t draw the second arc. He’s back on the third though.

  4. Well aware of that Murs. But it’s still got a Bendis aura on it for me, and while he’s not writing it I expect he has some influence in it’s direction.

    That said chances are good I’ll try it out one day. Probably as a trade. If my shop hadn’t been missing so many issues I would have got it in the half-off back issues sale. And I love Caselli.

    • Oh noes! I like Bendis some times. Just not recently because he killed Ares. *weeps*

      • Lol, it took that to make you start openly weeping over Bendis and his writing? Not to steal Tommy’s shtick, but I really began to dislike him when marvel decided he needed to have a large amount of control and power over their universes by having him write 2000 books at one time. If he can give me 1 or 2 quality books over 300 lesser quality books, I’d be on his side again. Unfortunately, that won’t happen until his golden boy status wears off. I mean, really, does he NEED to take up 2 Avenger books and once again shape their adventures and (lack of) development? I just can’t take anymore street level books that makes its big threat The Hood for over 30 issues. I can’t.

  5. Yeah, I was really loving New Avengers for a while but it felt like he was phoning it in since Secret Invasion began and especially once Dark Reign took off.

    I have to say I love Dark Avengers. It was fun and dark but I hated how Noh Varr didn’t have a real place on the team and he was forced into this Protector role just cause.

    I am hopeful for Avengers though even if the artwork bothers me.

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