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The Entity and the White Light – Blackest Night #7

Blackest Night #7 – The White Light Awakens

Blackest Night #7 Nekron

The Avatar of Death Questions the Living About Life.

I’ve been saying it from the start that there would be a White Lantern. One sole individual using the white light of creation to battle Nekron and Black Hand. In the newest issue of Blackest Night, I was proven right…

The Entity of White Light

Blackest Night - The Entity

The Entity Awaken in Blackest Night #7

Blackest Night #7 reveals a lot about the Lanterns’ power sources, history, and more important how life started on Earth. That’s right. Thee light of creation started on Earth in DC Comics even though there are universes and planets thousands if not millions of years older…

The White Light of the Entity

The White Light of the Entity

Who started all of this life? Well the Entity of course!

Like all the Parallax, Ion, and the curiously rapey Predator, the Entity is driving force behind the white light of creation aka G-D (what is it with comics and God recently see Dark Avengers #13). The Entity is connected to all life and this is demonstrated when Nekron strikes it and everyone living feels the pain.

This issue was fun but it left me with questions:

Why would you bury the force of life on a planet that has an emerging superhero and villain population?

How does this impact religious characters such as Spectre and Phantom Stranger?Wouldn’t someone have known the Entity was buried in the Earth?

Why is DC Comics so earthnocentric?

I’m still holding out that Solomon Grundy is the First Black Lantern

Oh btw the way, a white lantern is arise… Blackest Night #7 Spoilers – “I am the Greatest Lantern of All Time“.

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