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Marvel Comics: Ultimate X

Ultimate X - Sabretooth

Ultimate X - Sabretooth

Following the devastating effects of Ultimatum, the Ultimate Universe has become a much more volatile place. Beginning this spring, writer Jeph Loeb and artist Arthur Adams explore this brave new world in ULTIMATE X.

While Loeb couldn’t disclose what characters fans will see in the new series, he did offer up some hints as to what those protagonists have to contend with.

Ultimate X - The Lineup

“I can’t get into specifics without giving up too much at this point,” warns Loeb. “Let’s just say that this is a difficult time in the Ultimate Universe in the aftermath of Ultimatum, and there’s a great deal of healing that needs to be done. Mutants are all but obliterated. Captain America is a fugitive. The Fantastic Four have gone their own way. But that doesn’t mean that evil doesn’t still exist and in many ways can use this opportunity to take advantage of a broken world. ULTIMATE X will address these [issues].”
While the title may conjure images of the Ultimate Universe’s Merry Mutants, Loeb reveals that there’s more to the series than just that.

“Yes, it’s something bigger than that,” the writer relates. “This book isn’t just about mutants, super heroes, or anything you’re expecting. This is about life and the hard choices we make for the greater good.”

Given the dark events that have hit our heroes this past year, Loeb also states that ULTIMATE X will provide them with something they haven’t had in a while.

“Despite all that has happened, there is hope,” he professes. “That’s the message of the series.”

For ULTIMATE X, Loeb has the legendary Arthur Adams bringing his scripts to life and couldn’t be more pleased.

“Arthur Adams is the perfect choice for anything,” exudes Loeb. “These are stories that are both big and small and Arthur handles it beautifully. We’re all tremendously excited to have him back doing a monthly title!”

Ultimate Comics: X #2

Ultimate X #2

According to Loeb, the series will represent a return to form for him in many ways:

“These are very personal stories. People who’ve read the scripts are surprised how different they are from my other work in the Ultimate Universe. My hope is the readers enjoy it as much as I have been.”

AfghanAnt’s Thoughts:

I hate Jeph Loeb. I mean I really, really hate him. Especially for what he’s done to the Ultimates in volume 3. While, I’ve always thought he work on DC Comics was good (he does better when reality is rebooted every 5 to 10 years), Marvel and the Ultimate universes are so solid in their foundation. Marvel has always been very linear in their story telling and very history and Loeb has a bad habit of overwriting or even ignoring what other people are doing. However, Ultimate X is good…even great. It allows Loeb to writing whatever insanity he wants and it has to be honored because it’s his sandbox. I’m especially loving that this comic feels like what other second generation X-comics should have been. Even though it takes place in the Ultimate universe it feels like a world where the X-Men have perished and their children start to inherit the Earth.  Plus Arthur Adams’ artwork is just stunning.

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