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Secret Avengers Promo #2 – Marvel Comics Heroic Age

Is the Scarlet Witch a Secret Avenger?

I am a Secret Avenger - Scarlet Witch?

I am a Secret Avenger - Scarlet Witch?

Marvel, has released their second teaser image for their “Secret Avengers” title set to debut in the aftermath of their current “Siege” event. Yesterday’s tease set Avengers fandom abuzz, with guesses ranging from Spider-Man to Beat to Black Panther and beyond.
Today’s image, featuring the silhouette of a character clad in what appears to be a cape is accompanied by the text “I strive for redemption,” should prove to be no less intriguing to fans attempting to figure out the team’s line-up before it’s announced.

AfghanAnt’s Guess: The Scarlet Witch. We know she’s hanging out in the middle of Europe with an reanimted Agatha Harkness. Wouldn’t this be the perfect chance for the long-time Avengers Scarlet Witch to redeem herself. It makes even more sense that it would be her because of all the trouble she caused publicly. She would be forced to work in secret now.

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