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Luke Cage Leads Thunderbolts in Marvel’s new Heroic Age

Super-powered Black Man Survives God-massacring Siege Event, Get Demoted

Why they had to demote a brother?

Luke Cage leads the even newer Thunderbolts

I’m a little annoyed that Captain America’s second-in-command and defacto leader New Avengers is now leading a team of super-villains and c-list superheroes (Man-Thing? Are you fucking serious?).  I like Jeff Parker ok but why did this ushering in for the Heroic Age mean a demotion for one of the best Avengers members in years.  Also fucking you Bendis! You tell the world how you would be gay for Luke Cage if he were real and even marry him to your Alias creation, Jessica Jones, and you not only kick him off your team book but you fail to ad even one person of an vaguely ethnic background to your team? Fuck! Even Grant Morrison’s original ubermensch JLA lineup had a half-Mexican ( Kyle Rayner) and a fucking green martian.  I’m actually really disappoint Luke Cage isn’t even a Secret Avenger. I had hope that he and Jessica would be the modern age Hank and Janet (minus the wife-beater and killer robot children).

URGH! First Lil’ Wayne goes to jail now this? Today is a terrible day to be Black in American. What’s next, Obama gonna get assassinated? America, I’m done!

P.S. I know I’m being dramatic and I don’t care this is my blog and I am not particularly happy with Marvel or DC for the way they treat their ethnic characters. It seems like ethnic characters and women are either demoted, depowered, or fridged.

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