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Secret Avengers Promo #1- Heroic Age Marvel Comics

Is Spider-Man a Secret Avengers?

Spider-man is a Secret Avenger

Spider-man is a Secret Avenger?

Marvel has released their first teaser image for their upcoming “Secret Avengers” title set to debut in the aftermath of their current “Siege” event, along with the announcement of said title’s creative team of Eisner Award-winning writer Ed Brubaker and current “Dark Avengers” artist Mike Deodato. No other information has been revealed as of yet, including the actual identity of the first character on the team’s roster, though the silhouetted figure’s pose does bear some similarities to those that a certain wallcrawler has been known to strike in the past.

“Secret Avengers” is the second new title to be planned as part of the publisher’s Heroic Age reboot of their hottest franchise after Brian Bendis and John Romita, Jr.’s “Avengers.” However, with four Avengers books to be replaced, it’s highly unlikely the publisher will have anything less than a quartet of titles starring Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on stands come May.

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