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Annual Mardi Gras Post

Krewe Du Vieux 2010

I don’t know what to say about Mardi Gras that I had said in years past. It’s my favorite time of year, I get to wear eye makeup and no one blinks (with the exception of Joey who kept telling me how distracting it was) and drink. A lot. Though I did promise myself this year would be different, this year I wouldn’t drink so much that I would be bed ridden for days upon days afterwards. I assume this means I’m growing up (which is directly related to a 7 month old baby actively being in my life).  I’m actually excited for once to just be around people I know and watch the floats.

Blurry Ant & Dan

Last weekend was Krewe Du Vieux which is the parade I usually get so drunk out that I forget my name and where I live and I didn’t even do that this year. In fact I wasn’t even hung over. It was so fantastically amazing. I came home with more throws in previous years and I got these really amazing underwear with a sperm on the back (as pictured above).  The parade I am really looking forward to is Endymion. This is the first parade I ever saw in New Orleans almost 10 years ago so this year feels like it will extra special to me. I don’t know why nor have I really thought about it but Endymion is the parade that fills me with this sense of childhood wonder and delight. Like its name sake, it’s a sleeping prince that awakening in a thunderous howl. He grabs the most colorful garments and start twirling them around until the seem to shimmer. That is what this parade is to me. Color and noise and expression. Everything I love so dearly.  Ah. This year seems like it will be the best year ever – no one to babysit, no using my home as a hostel, and most importantly I’ll probably save like $300 dollars by buying my own alcohol and staying uptown this year.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing...

Mardi Gras 2010 will be enchanting.

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  1. omg so cute

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