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Know Your Heroic Age Avengers: Thor

I am an (Heroic Age) Avenger…Thor

Thor Odinson

Thor - Heroic Age Avengers

Ages ago, Odin, lord of the gods of Asgard, desired a child of both Asgard and Midgard (Earth), and therefore sought out and wooed Gaea, the eldest goddess of the Earth. Gaea gave birth to Thor in a small cave in Norway, and Odin took him to be raised in Asgard by his wife, Frigga.

The young Thor grew up alongside his step-brother Loki, who was always jealous of Thor, the favored son. Thor excelled in power and popularity, and on his eighth birthday, Odin had the hammer Mjolnir created, enchanting it with powerful magic. He decreed that Mjolnir would be presented to Thor when he had been proven a worthy warrior, and Thor spent the next several years training and performing heroic deeds. Indeed, eight years later, Odin gave the hammer to Thor, declaring him to be the greatest warrior in Asgard.

Thor traveled to Earth for the first time in the Ninth Century A.D., in response to his worship among the Vikings. Thor reveled in his worship, leading many in battle and extolling the way of the warrior. Years later, a set of Vikings killed innocent inhabitants of a Christian monastery in Thor’s name. In shock and disillusion, Thor cut himself off from his worshippers and returned to Asgard. The Asgardian religion would never be as fervent, eventually dying out completely over the centuries.

Classic Thor

Classic Thor

Although Thor continued to perform many acts of battle and adventure, he unfortunately grew headstrong, proud, and selfish. It pained the heart of Odin. One day, Thor chased a monster into the land of the Frost Giants, a breech of protocol that nearly sparked a war in all of Asgard. Odin had to teach Thor a lesson. He created a mortal body for him, one with a lame leg, and sent Thor, stripped of his powers and memories, to Earth. Thor arrived on the campus of New York State College of Medicine as Donald Blake. Blake proved to be the humble and patient man Odin had hoped for. He eventually graduated with top honors, gained a reputation as a caring family doctor and a brilliant surgeon, and opened a private practice in New York City. His nurse, Jane Foster, was equally caring and competent, and the two began to fall in love.

This idyllic life was not to last. The alien Kronans were coming to invade. When taking a vacation in Norway, Blake stumbled onto the Kronan scouts’ spaceship and fled into a cave. (It was, unknown to him, the same cave in which Gaea had given birth to Thor.) In a secret chamber, Blake discovered a plain walking cane. Taking it with him, he tried to escape, only to find his way blocked. Frustrated and scared, he struck the boulder with the cane, transforming it into Mjolnir and himself into Thor. He fought the alien scouts, who retreated from Earth and called off their invasion. By tapping the ground with Mjolnir, he transformed back into Don Blake, holding a simple wooden cane.

Blake returned to New York, using his secret identity of Thor to fight crime, defend Earth, and contend with Loki, who, after learning of Thor’s return, felt all the old jealousy and hatred, plaguing Thor with many tricks and outright confrontation. One such trick led Thor and other heroes to fight the Hulk, after which the heroes bested Loki and decided to form the Avengers.

The love between Thor and Foster continued for many years, made more difficult by Odin’s displeasure in the relationship between god and mortal. He forbade Blake from revealing his identity to her, creating a strange love triangle between Foster and the personas of Thor and Blake.

God of Thunder

God of Thunder

Almost immediately, Thor was attacked by Loki, who had teamed with Surtur to create weapons for Thor’s enemies that were forged in the same way as Mjolnir. The fight for Asgard ascended to a level of Ragnarok. Although Thor managed to defeat Loki, severing his head, the war left many of Thor’s allies, such as Sif and the Warriors Three, dead. Thor forced Surtur to re-forge Mjolnir, which had shattered during the battle. While Asgard succumbed to Ragnarok, effectively wiping the Asgardian world from existence, Thor sought out the gods known as Those Who Sit Above In Shadow. Thor refused an offer to join them, instead confronting them in battle. Thor destroyed Those Who Sit Above In Shadow as Asgard died. The Odinpower congratulated Thor on succeeding at his greatest mission. Thor then closed his eyes, apparently joining his people in death.

Thor vs Red Hulk

Thor vs Red Hulk

Thor did indeed rebuild Asgard, in Oklahoma, and he embarked on a quest to liberate his fellow Asgardians who were trapped in mortal shells. Thor tried not to give life to those who would harm his people, but the ever-mischievous Loki tricked Thor into releasing him and a slew of others. Still, Thor was pleased Asgard was filled with his subjects, and he was determined to make things work this time. Too bad for him, Loki had other plans. First, he stole the form of Sif, keeping her trapped within the form of a dying old woman. Then, Loki orchestrated a fiendish plot to force Thor to kill a member of the royal family – his own grandfather, Bor. Loki succeeded in bringing his plan to fruition, and after a furious battle between Thor and Bor, Bor was dead, and Balder had no choice but to cast Thor out of Asgard. Thor has his suspicions who was behind his current predicament just as he is sure he will one day have words with this individual.

AfghanAnt’s Take:

I love Thor. I mean I really LOVE Thor. However, I’ve never been a fan of him being an Avenger. Even in the classic Kirby/Lee run, Thor was really just this really powerful guy that was well…just hit things. We knew he respected his mortal companions but he never really seemed to fit in with them especially day-to-day living in the mansion. Hopefully with his recent rebonding with Donald Blake we’ll get more interaction between Thor and the Avengers. I’m scared Bendis won’t get Thor and write him similar to Ares (who I loved also). So a far in Siege Thor hasn’t done much talking, just getting his ass handed to him.

Also Romita’s Thor is wrong. Just really, really wrong. I hope those gloves were a mistake on his part.

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