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Know Your Heroic Age Avengers: Captain America

I am an (Heroic Age) Avenger…Captain America

Captain America

Captain America - Heroic Age Avengers

As a young boy, James Buchanan Barnes lost his father (a soldier during WWII), and was adopted by Camp Lehigh as their mascot, and given the nickname “Bucky”. It was here that he learned the identity of Captain America. He underwent rigorous training and was assigned to be Cap’s sidekick, accompanying him on many adventures, and the two often worked with the original Invaders. However, on a final mission against Baron Zemo, Bucky and Cap hopped on an experimental drone plane in an attempt to disarm a bomb. The bomb detonated, dropping Cap in the North Atlantic, where he would later be found and thawed out by the Avengers. American forces never found Bucky’s body, and he was presumed dead. Unbeknownst to the Americans, he was found and revived by Russian General Vasily Karpov.
When Bucky awoke, he had no memory of his identity, which gave Karpov an opportunity to reprogram Bucky as a Soviet assassin called the Winter Soldier. He was sent all across the globe, committing political assassinations with huge effects on the Cold War. However, his memory implantation caused mental instability, and he was kept in stasis between missions to prevent rebellion.

Recently, the Winter Soldier killed the Red Skull, and stole his Cosmic Cube for Karpov’s successor, former General Aleksander Lukin. In order to mess with Cap’s mind, Lukin also commanded the Winter Soldier to kill Jack Monroe and launch a major terrorist attack on the city of Philadelphia, fueling the Cosmic Cube’s power in the process. However, when the Winter Soldier kidnapped S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter, she told Captain America upon her rescue that she believed her captor to be Bucky. Later, Nick Fury confirmed to Cap that the Winter Soldier was indeed his former partner.

Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier

When Lukin ordered the Winter Soldier to bury the Cosmic Cube in an underground bunker, Cap, with help from the Falcon and Iron Man, tracked him down and defeated him. After the battle, Cap used the Cosmic Cube to restore Bucky’s memories, but he then destroyed the Cube and disappeared. All but Captain America believed him to be dead.

It was recently revealed that the Winter Soldier was involved in helping Wolverine escape from Weapon X, and was responsible for the loss of his wife and baby.

When the Superhuman Registration Act was passed, S.H.I.E.L.D’s Nick Fury recruited Bucky for covert operations, so as to protect Captain America from government forces. His current whereabouts are as yet unknown. He has become the new Captain America and is currently a New Avengers member.

Don't Fuck with America

The New American Way

AfghanAnt’s Take:

As the child of Black American slaves and Jewish immigrants, I’ve always hated the notion of Captain America. It was just extremely unrelatable to me.  To me he was a blond haired, blue eyed, smiling idiot who slung around a star-spangled shield. Of course, I knew characters I loved like Thor and Wolverine respected him because he was this great “leader” but it just never clicked for me. That is until Winter Soldier (Bucky) became Captain America. Here you had this cybernetic super-assassin who picks up where his friend and mentor tragically left off. It was like everything Nightwing and Batman should have done during the 90’s KnightQuest but well written. Bucky as Cap is believable especially in this day and age – he carries and slings the shield but he also willing to put a bullet between your eyes for the greater good. This is what modern America. We aren’t the good guys with passive defenses taking out communists, we are a nation that is willing go to your house and shoot you in the face if you’ve fucked with us and that is who Bucky is. I like Romita’s drawing but he looks too bulky. Winter Soldier has always been leaner than super-soldier Steve and a lot less acrobatic. So I better not see him flipping around. I want to see shooting. Lots of it.

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  1. Steve is the reason Bucky became Cap at all… Not sure how you can like a character who is inspired by the one you’re deriding. The old comics were pretty gimmicky for most characters; I recommend that you give Captain America V5 another shot. It’s dark, gritty, and tormented. Steve doesn’t have much reason to smile.

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