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Marvel Comics – The Heroic Age Preview

Marvel Comics – The Heroic Age

The Heroic Age: Marvel Comics

The Heroic Age: Marvel Comics

The “Branding New Day” of the Marvel Comics had finally arrived with the dawn of The Heroic Age. Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada said:
“heroes will be heroes again” featuring “a throwback to the early days of the Marvel Universe, with more of a swashbuckling feel.”
AfghanAnt’s Thoughts:
I’m excited but worried. Marvel has always been the universe were realistic stories and movtives were written. So knowing this this return to status quo is sort of bothersome.
The one thing I am enjoying is Clint Barton as Hawkeye (what is Kate Bishop going to call herself now?) and Bucky still as Captain America. I never liked Captain America as a concept until Buckey. He brought something fresh and new to the table that Steve in all his WWII awesomeness lacked. I’m also excited about the new Avengers line-up. I know that Captain America, Thor and Iron-Man will be on the team but who else? Ms Marvel? Beast? Black Widow?
On a graphical note, how tacky does that “Heroic Age” banner look. This whole image looked rushed with the exception of Jim Cheung’s pencils.

2 Responses

  1. I find even Cheung’s pencils look a little rushed. The characters look a little squashed and the composition is a bit off. But Cheung is awesome.

    I’m hoping Children’s Crusade will launch with the Heroic Age.

  2. すっごいよ!

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