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Shit Gets Worse for Haitians, Scientologists Invade!

XENU LIVES! Haiti Invade by Scientologists!

Lord Xenu will Wreck Yo Shit Up!

Scientologists Believe This Nigga Existed

I’m  not writing this post because I have a problem with religious entities giving aid to Haiti. In fact at this point any aid is good aid for Haitian earthquake survivors. However, I do have a problem with Scientologists specifically sending their “ministers” and “supplies” (aka e-meters and Dianetics manuals) instead of haitian translators, nurses, and medical doctors. What am I talking about?

After watching this video I was disgusted. Scientology has a known history of losing documents for cover ups but this is just shameless. A 119 people made it on the flight without there being a manifest and do you want to guess who these folks were? Card carrying members of the Church of $cientology. The fact that nurses and doctors were being left behind on a rescue mission to make room for more of the ministers and thetanists just proves to me that:

  1. The Cults of Scientology is only focused on it’s agenda (spreading its nonsense).
  2. Taking advantage of those in need (numerous Scientologists conversion stories start with down-on-my-luck stories)
  3. Those mother fuckers don’t care about making the right decision (have I mentioned doctors and nurses were refused seats?), they only care about their image.

As a person who has worked with a L. Ron loyalist, I can say for a fact that their whole existence is counterfeit. They are the type of people who smile, take you out to lunch, and secretly set you up to fall once they realize you are a suppressive person (true story).

Seriously how can Scientology legally call them self a religion when they charge lavish amounts of money to expel you body of thetans via tin can connected to a primitive bio-electric receptor? If I tried this shit not only would I be paying taxed out the ass but I could be sued left and right by people wanting their fucking money back.

Scientology 2010 Price List

Scientology 2010 "Donation" Price List

How the fuck do Scientologist volunteers have time to fucking blog? Somehow this bitch has time to write up not a brief, “we’re here and helping the Haitian” post but a fucking article. What pisses me off is how she (is you a medicine practitioner in any fucking form? I need to see some diplomas!) is responsible for taking care of five people! What did she do use the power of touch to reconnect their nervous systems and heal their pain? How did you even get on the fucking plane if sane doctors and nurses were getting turned away? Scientology!

What the fuck is this bitch so happy about? Niggas are dying!

What the fuck is this bitch so happy about? Niggas are dying!

And why the fuck do they have Scientologists wearing those branded yellow shirts while John Travolta plays Captain Save-A-Nigger during a fucking natural disaster? The PR they are trying to generate for their church at a scene of death is just fucking disgusting.

Ricky Martin's Broke Ass Aint Hearing It!

Lastly why the fuck are they talking to Ricky Martin (who looks pissed over)? He aint got no money!

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  1. i will let people believe what ever they wish to believe, but when you shove down others throats and doing crap like this. it just pisses me off

    i once got called and i quote a fucking waste of life, but one of these guys in the middle of belfast because i said i wasn’t interested in what they had to say

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