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Jesus Christ Superhero: Dark Avengers #13

Sentry’s Origin Reveals Biblical Link in Dark Avengers #13

Dark Avengers #13

Dark Avengers #13

(Insanity + Drug Addiction)/ Secret Serum = God.

Or at least this is what Brian Michael Bendis wants us to believe about the Sentry’s newest and truest retconned origin story.

Like Mose and Jesus before him, Sentry holds the power of the divine and while the Void mentions to Lindy (who’s living status is still confusing to me. Is she a construct? Has she been resurrected?) he is “…Galactus…Devourer of Worlds”, I’m pretty sure he said this to express to her just how terrifingly powerful he is (as if the power of a million exploding suns wasn’t powerful enough. I’m just saying). The burning bush, the vengeful father, and never-ending opus that is the Void are all one and the same and Bobby Reynolds is just the most recent messiah-like figure. I like this.

Why do I like this? Bendis setting up the Void as the Old Testament God (which as a Jew is exciting and insulting) is interesting. It feels like secular comics are finally breaking into Judeo-Christian mythology the same way movies have been doing forever now. I know a few people are going to be annoyed and even insulted that their faith is being presented here as fiction but this is a fictional worlds where Greek and Norse gods walk amongst men. So why can’t Sentry be the resurrected Christ figure and Anti-Christ all at the same time?

Bendis Rejects Your Sentry Origin and Replaces it with His Own

The Power of Sentry Compels You

The Power of Sentry Compels You

Why can’t Jesus (or at least the source of his powers) get the same opportunity to be a major sequential character just like the Japanese God of Thunder, Raiden? There are still Japanese people who still believe in Raiden, yet it’s ok to have him rip people’s hearts out in video games because Americans think he’s a myth? Also after being the star of so many Chick Comics and independent Christian comics, isn’t it refreshing to see Christ get picked up by a major publisher? It’s like when your favorite indy musician gets a contract with big label. You know their personal style(from robes and staffs to tights and capes) and genre (flying is way cooler than walking on water – way to upgrade) is going to change but you know you’ll still support them (and mention to everyone how you were listening to them before they were cool). Sentry is already just as much of messianic figure as Jesus is; he heals the sick, defeats the unstoppable, and even self-resurrects (he’s been blown up, magically shattered, and shot in the face with a skrull death ray). Same goes for the Void and Old Testament God – he’s spiteful and murderous and only enjoys talking to the one with the power (the burning bush and Moses, folks).  Comic book writers for major publishers have always been willing to use demonic entities but not Christ or God in this fashion, so I’ve gotta pat Bendis on the back for having the balls to tell this story (this shit would’ve never flown over at DC. Ya’ll know why…).

There is another aspect here that I’m sure influenced Bendis on connecting Sentry to Judeo-Christan mythology, Siege. Who better to kick all of the other gods’ ass than the number one G-O-D for the last two thousand or so years? Connecting the Sentry to this power makes it believable that he could go head-to-head with Thor, Ares, and every other god in Marvel’s Universe and beat them to a bloody pulp.

From just an origin story perspective, Sentry being this divine Christ-like figure pays even more homage to the idea that inspired him – Superman. Superman came from the heavens from his scientist (just another word for creator) father to a human couple (Joseph and Martha. Joseph and Mary. Think about it.) to protect and lead the human race. He would battle the ultimate evil, die, and rise again. If that ain’t Jesus’ origin told in four color format, I don’t know what is. So it makes sense to me that Sentry would be this new Marvel messiah character.

Post Modern Jesus Christ = Jesus Christ

Sentry = PoMo Christ?

The one thing I was confused by storywise was the Void admitting that Tony Stark knew what Sentry really was. I had a feeling Norman knew from his dealing with Mephisto (who is Satan for all intend and purposes) but how did Stark learn this fact? Does Mr Fantastic know? Surely Thor would recognize the divinity of another god, right? I guess Bendis will answer these questions in the next issue of Dark Avengers entitled “The Void Rising” or in Siege (both I’m extremely excited by). I can’t wait to see how fanboys react to this origin. I personally know a lot of Christian comic collectors (most of them Thor, GOD of Thunder fans *rolls eyes*) and I already fear how they will treat me for saying “this is fucking nuts but I love it. Superhero Jesus is the mother fucking shit!”. Oddly enough you’d think they’d be happy a Jew is accepting their main religious figure. Their religion is about expanding and converting to become a member in the army of the light, right? Next time a Christian sees me coming out of a bar on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, I’ll make sure to tell them I already worship the Golden Guardian of the Good. That should stop them from making me a reservation in the Hellfire Club, right?

7 Responses

  1. Concerning your thoughts about DA 13: Shut up….neither you, nor Bendis are as intelligent as you would like for us to believe. Now stick that in your yarmulke and smoke it…

  2. excellent review. This is exactly what I was looking for to help understand the depth of the issue better.

  3. so the God in the O.T. is not the void, there is no parallel, God gave power to moses, he did not seek moses cause he had power, and God was about protecting his people from other nations, and wanted Israel to be faithful to him, They were not, much like a wife cheating on her husband, and yet God still forgived, he allowed Israel to reep what it sowed but always took them back… and sentry does not equal Christ. check your source stuff before you make the parallel, excepting sentry and excepting jesus christ are two different things,

    anyways thanks for your thoughts on the whole ” I am galatus” thing makes sence now

    • Adrian, if you read the issue you would realize that Bendis was clearly showing OT (or God, The Father) God as the wrathful and vengeful god he was (read your Bible if you don’t believe me) – he wiped out whole cities (did he really have to destroy an entire city to gain one man’s faith), killed innocent people because of their affiliation (how is killing newborns an act of protection?), and ultimately empowered Moses to do “good” (well he did help Moses save my people – not your people because Jews are chosen while Christians is like the Discover card – anyone can join). The same can be said about the Sentry and Void relationship. The Void is wrathful and destructive while the Sentry is seen as this “Golden Guardian of Good” protecting his flock. Moses had his “burning murderous bush”, Jesus had the ever cunning Satan, and Sentry has the Void.

      Even if we ignore the opening and closing scenes, Lindy saying “I think his energy came from something… of biblical proportions. Moses, Jesus, what was their power? Where did it come from? How did they get it? Really?” and the Void stating “It’s God’s Way” as he descends on New York gives credence to my point.

      Furthermore, I called him Christ-like and said his powers came from this idea of Almighty G-O-D, just like Moses’ and Jesus’ power sources. He’s obviously NOT JESUS. He’s Bob Reynold newest keeper of the Power Christos (Power Cosmic, Power Christos. Get it?).

      Just because you are butthurt at your mythology being used to tell a comic book story has nothing to do with me or your belief in Christ (which you obviously don’t completely believe or you wouldn’t tried to convert me instead of engage me in a “I’m right” comment battle). If anything I should be upset at Christians for blaming Christ’s death on Jews (when it clearly states Romans did it) and that you stole our religion and several others to make this unstoppable Juggernaut of a faith that oppressed humanity’s scientific advances in the Dark Ages and enslaved and killed millions in the name of the LORD!

      Lighten up, it’s just comics.

  4. […] force behind the white light of creation aka G-D (what is it with comics and God recently see Dark Avengers #13). The Entity is connected to all life and this is demonstrated when Nekron strikes it and […]

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