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Sentry More Than God-Like?

Is Dark Avengers’ Sentry Marvel Comics’s Jesus?

IGN just preview Dark Avengers #13 and it looks like Bendis is hinting at Sentry being more than just god-like but actually a or thee G-O-D.  I’m not shocked as it explains Bob Reynold’s ability to do anything from raising the dead (his wife dead during the Skrull Invasion) to throwing people into the fucking sun. It also explains why he’s haunted by a mischievous adversary – The Void. Job wrestled his adversary, Moses’ God was both loving and vengeful,  and Jesus’ Satan was well an asshole. I really wonder how Christian fans will take this – sure there have been Jesus-like figures in superhero comics since the genre but none have called reader’s faith into question. Let’s up this doesn’t blow up in Marvel’s fan.

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  1. just kill the guy already

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